MA 001                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 1 (2003/2004)

The Triton Toys,- Woodworking for toy makers,-Toy making Regulations,- Toy maker’s Workshop,- Buying Timber,- Using Grids,- Making wheels,- The Simple Toys of Friedrick Froedel,- Tug Boat,- Tongue Drum,- Steam Engine toybox,- Toy Cradle,- Dune Buggy,- Make a child’s Easel,- Diablo,- Kewpie Doll and baby doll,- Horse Race Track,- Noughts and Crosses,- Ride on Forklift,- Olde Biplane,- Pull along Horse

MA 002                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 2 (2004/2005)

Heirloom toys-Past Present Future,-Toy – Maker’s Dream Workshop,- Wooden Wheels for toys,- Rocking Horses in Australia,- Rocking Horse Classes,- Shove Ha’Penny Board,- Racing Hobby Horse,- Terrace Dolls’ House,- Tabletop Ball Game,- Push –along Snail,- Dolls’ House Furniture 1 Table with Bench seats, Love seats, Coffee Table, Bedroom Suite,- Low Boy Plane,- 3 Bodied Truck,- 18 Century Naval Cannon,-Classic Push Truck,- Pull along Crocodile 

MA 003                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 3 (2005/2006 )

Trains, Planes and Automobiles,- Wooden Toys Designed to Delight,- Hunter Miniaturist Group,- Selling Toys for Profit,- Plastic Wheels for toys,- Evolution of Powered Model Planes,- Toy Tips,- Accuracy on a Shoestring,- Wheel Cutting Update,- Making Thunder-a small Rocking Horse,- Foreign Legion Fort,- Dolls’ House Furniture 2, Table and Chairs,- The Jeep,- Draught Horse and Farm Cart,- The Recycled Spinning Top,- Turned Toy Heads with Character,- Norm’s Tractor MkIV,- Toy Cars plain Jane and Gorgeous Gussie,- Overhead Gantry Crane,- Offcut Star Fighter,- Gumball Machine,- Joshua the ride on Diesel

MA 004                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 4 (2006/2007)

Timpotoo,- Steam Toys Power on,- Scrollsaws- The toymaker’s Saw,- Yacht Hulls,- Chain Reaction Alarm,- Boxed Edwardian Block Set,- Civil War Cannon,- Limber for Your Cannon,- A Cubby House Stove and Sink,- Wheel Barrow,- The Shoofly,- Dolls’ House Furniture 3,- Squabble Stopper A Two sided Easel,- Bob’s Bulldozer,- New and Old Farm Tractors Basic Tractor, Vintage Tractor, John Deere/Fordson, Farmall Club, International Tractor

MA 005                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 5 (20/20)

MA 006                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 6 (20/20)

MA 007                 The Australasian Toy – Maker Issue 7 (20/20)