May 042024

Our regular May meeting was an actioned packed evening, with members looking at The Why and How of Using Splines, a Wonky House and Box Lid Cutting.

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And don’t forget, Meet at 6.45 for 7pm start for the next meeting (5th June) – a visit to the Woodcraft Guild.

Mar 102024

Our March meeting centred around Compound Angles – what they look like and how to cut them on the Workcentre.

The Triton Bird Feeder is a great project to illustrate the use of compound angles – click on the image below to download the project from the Triton website.


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Feb 102024

The first meeting for the 2024 was a sharpening workshop. Brian and Chris brought their wet stone grinders and other sharpening paraphernalia, and other members brought water-stones and honing guides. Members were also asked to bring their plane blades, chisels, knives and other blades that needed sharpening.

Before the meeting Chris presented members with a wealth of information with links to trusted presenters.
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Sep 082023

After a warm welcome by Ron, and a welcome back to Mike, Chris and Brian continued last month’s session on building a router storage cabinet with a discussion on design.

Brian continued the evening with a demonstration of the Triton Finger Jointer. For members who missed the demonstration, the following is a vintage video on the topic by Triton’s founder George Lewin.

After a tea break and the raffle draw, Simon demonstrated some woodworking equipment from Temu.

Chris then gave a comprehensive talk on DIY box joint jigs for the router.

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Aug 042023

Chris and Brian introduced this month’s session on Profile Routing with a project to create a useful (and beautiful) router storage cabinet.


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Jul 112023

At our regular meeting for July members looked at all aspects of drawer design and construction as we returned to our current theme of Make a Table.

Members were given an excerpt from “Chest of Drawers” by Bill Hylton, an excellent overview of the subject, as well as a comprehensive range of videos and handouts.

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Jun 122023

There were some great entries at our June woodwork photo competition.

The photo competition is intended for large or fixed items which could not be brought to the May competition, including items from our distance members.

Contributors were invited to present their items with a Powerpoint presentation, so further details are available for any member who could not attend on the day.

Here are the entries!

Graham’s Range Trailer – 2nd Prize

Graham’s Ute Fitout

Ron’s Bed No.1

Mick’s Desk – side view

Mick’s Desk – front

Ron’s Bed No.2

Mike’s Queen Bed – 3rd Prize

Grant’s Lattice

Ian’s Workbench – 1st Prize

Peter’s Welding Bench – closed

Peter’s Welding Bench – open

Peter’s Workbench

Well done everyone!

May 052023

We held our delayed December woodwork competition at our regular meeting in May.

This year members undertook judging in lieu of external judges.
Scoring was based on a simple allocation of points according to the number of entries in a category.

The categories were as follows:

  • Indoor, including furniture, ornamental items and toys – excluding tables, desks & boxes
  • Workshop and outdoor items
  • Tables and desks
  • Boxes

Prizes awarded were $50 (1st), $35 (2nd), and $20 (3rd) in each category.

And here are the entries!

Indoor, including furniture, ornamental items and toys

Chris’s Cutting Board – 1st prize

Hugh’s Clock

Peter’s Montessori Shapes

John’s Learning Tower – 2nd prize

Mick’s Puzzle

Trevor’s Learning Tower – 3rd prize


Workshop & Outdoor

Chris’s Drum Sander – 1st prize

John’s Garden Bench – 2nd prize


Tables & Desks

Chris’s Glass Top Table – 1st prize

John’s Table – 2nd prize

Ron’s Table – 3rd prize



Chris’s Swing Lid Box – 1st prize

Ron’s Box #1

Ron’s Box #3 – 3rd prize

Chris’s Box Open

Ron’s Box #3 Open

Mick’s Box

Hugh’s 16 Sided Box – 2nd prize

Ron’s Box #2

Well done everyone!

Apr 132023

Members had a very busy night at our regular meeting for April, looking at all aspects of veneering.

The evening began with a warm welcome by John, discussion on the May Competition, and an overview of the latest edition of the Australian Woodworker Magazine by Chris.

We then got straight into our first session on basic veneering.

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Apr 132023

Our March meeting covered hardware connectors, pocket hole joinery, curved aprons and a whole lot more.

We began the evening with discussions by Chris and Bob on the March edition of the Australian Woodworker and a visit to the Railway Museum.

Brian then introduced members to a whole range of hardware connectors.

Trevor followed with a great presentation on Pocket Hole Joinery. Click on the picture below for a bit more information.

After tea break and the raffle draw Chris continued our theme of Tables with an introduction to Curved Aprons.

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