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A primary objective of the Triton Owners’ Club of the Australian Capital Territory Inc. (TOCACT) is to promote and educate members in matters relating to occupational health and safety (OH&S) as an ongoing requirement. This is a reflection that woodworking includes activities that are inherently dangerous to both the worker and others present. TOCACT has an obligation to provide a safe environment for its activities but ultimately safety is everyone’s responsibility.
The occupational health and safety objectives and policies of TOCACT are set out in and can be viewed by downloading the Occupational Health and Safety Policy statement. As outlined in this statement the OH&S objectives of TOCACT are:

  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for Club activities; and

  • To ensure members are aware of health and safety risks with woodworking and are aware of appropriate measures and procedures for managing these risks.

This statement also sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Committee, the Safety Officer and members in ensuring a safe wood working environment.
The Committee is developing fact sheets that set out safe operating practices and procedures covering TOCACT’s activities. These fact sheets are set below and will be added to as new fact sheets are prepared by the Committee. Printed copies will also be available at TOCACT’s meeting room. Members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these fact sheets, the risks identified and safe operating practices to manage these risks.
The Committee has appointed Brian Copeland as the Safety Officer. Brian is our first port of call in relation to safe operating procedures. All members need to adhere to Brian’s instructions at meetings and should report accidents or near misses to Brian. To ensure the Club can respond appropriately to accidents or near misses members involved in an incident should complete the Form for Reporting Incidents and OH&S Issues and lodge this form with the Club Safety Officer.
OH&S Procedures and Fact Sheets

Other OH&S Documents

Health and Safety Lessons and Tips


Member Roles and Responsibilities

The following is an extract from the policy, detailing commonsense steps Members should take for their own safety.

Members are expected to contribute to a safe work environment by making best endeavours to protect their own safety and that of fellow members while undertaking Club activities.
In taking responsibility for their own health and safety, members should at least:

  1.   sign the Attendance Book (to ensure compliance with insurance policy) and meet recording requirements for other Club activities;
  2.   be familiar with the Club’s OH&S Policies and Procedures and the Procedures Factsheets;
  3.   comply with any request of the Safety Officer, all safety instructions and observe any restrictions placed on the operation of machinery or equipment for Club activities;
  4.   protect their own health and safety and that of others by wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, tie back long hair when using equipment for Club activities and not operating equipment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  5.   provide their own personal protection equipment (PPE) where protection is required or use equipment provided by the Club to protect their health and safety;
  6.   advise the Safety Officer or a Club Committee Member of any accidents or near misses whilst undertaking Club activities and/or anything they are aware of which would improve the safety of Club activities; and
  7.   actively participate in Club programs to increase awareness of OH&S issues.

To report an accident or health & safety issue, please complete the Form for Reporting Incidents and OH&S Issues and lodge with the Club Safety Officer.