May 052023

We held our delayed December woodwork competition at our regular meeting in May.

This year members undertook judging in lieu of external judges.
Scoring was based on a simple allocation of points according to the number of entries in a category.

The categories were as follows:

  • Indoor, including furniture, ornamental items and toys – excluding tables, desks & boxes
  • Workshop and outdoor items
  • Tables and desks
  • Boxes

Prizes awarded were $50 (1st), $35 (2nd), and $20 (3rd) in each category.

And here are the entries!

Indoor, including furniture, ornamental items and toys

Chris’s Cutting Board – 1st prize

Hugh’s Clock

Peter’s Montessori Shapes

John’s Learning Tower – 2nd prize

Mick’s Puzzle

Trevor’s Learning Tower – 3rd prize


Workshop & Outdoor

Chris’s Drum Sander – 1st prize

John’s Garden Bench – 2nd prize


Tables & Desks

Chris’s Glass Top Table – 1st prize

John’s Table – 2nd prize

Ron’s Table – 3rd prize



Chris’s Swing Lid Box – 1st prize

Ron’s Box #1

Ron’s Box #3 – 3rd prize

Chris’s Box Open

Ron’s Box #3 Open

Mick’s Box

Hugh’s 16 Sided Box – 2nd prize

Ron’s Box #2

Well done everyone!