IP01. Scroll saw – model (40-450) Instruction Book
IP01a. Exploded view revised 03/08/1999
IP02. How to master the art of INTARSIA
IP03. INTARSIA down under by Steve Bundred
IP04. PLANS – Angle Fish 99SO2
IP05. PLANS – Backyard Contemplation
IP06. PLANS – Champion Bull 97m15
IP07 PLANS – Dolphin Family
IP08. PLANS – Gecko Gecko 97SO2
IP09. PLANS – Hello cocky 99MO2
IP10. PLANS – Lazy Koala
IP11. PLANS – Kooka Burra
IP12. PLANS – Not a Merino
IP13. PLANS – Numbat Numbat
IP14. PLANS – Palm Cockatoo
IP15. PLANS – Playful Puppy 97SO8
IP16. PLANS – Puss in Boot
IP17. PLANS – Triple Dolphin 98m03
IP18. PLANS – Tree Frog
IP19. PLANS – Wedge–Tailed Eagle 99MO1