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*MF001. Australian Woodsmith –- Number 1 (Oct/Nov 1998)

T & T: Rip fence adjustment, Studded knob, Sanding station, Biscuits fastening, Bench holedfast, Dovetails cauls,- Roll-top desk,- Desk organiser,- Building tambours,- Fretwork picture frame,- Scroll saw techniques,- Extension wing router table.

MF002. Australian Woodsmith –Number 2 (Dec1998/Jan1999)

T & T: Chisel protectors, Finishing shelves, Mitred biscuit joints, Table saw stowage,- Shaker-style rocker,- Working with dowels,- Shaker footstool,- Weaving a seat,- birdhouse,- Stave construction.

MF003. Australian Woodsmith –Number 3 (Feb 1999)

T & T: Fluted columns, Drying rack for shelves, Drill press fence, Clothes peg clamp, Pocket magnet,- Roll-around tool chest,- Storage pedestal,- Lap desk,- Decorative splined mitres,- Sharpening jig.

MF004. Australian Woodsmith –Number 4 (Apr 1999)

T & T: Chamfer tip, Attaching glass bead, Put a cork in it, New life for broken blades, Knock down clamping table, Table sew switch extension,- Mantle clock,- Firewood carrier,- Bent lamination,- Coat rack,- Splice rack,- Through dovetails,- Resawing timber.

MF005. Australian Woodsmith –Number 5( Jun 1999)

T & T: Corner clamp, Applying edging, Precision hole drilling jig, Squaring tip, Shaker stoppers,- Two-drawer bookcase,- Sliding half dovetails,- Christmas lantern,- Ripping tips,- Folding desk clock,- Veneering small projects.

*MF006. Australian Woodsmith –Number 6 (Aug 1999)

T & T: Shop made awl, Furniture levellers, Workmate extension dogs, Magnetic push stick holder, Detail sander,- Bow-front end table,- Bow-front drawers,- Picture frame mouldings,- Picture-perfect mitres,- Hardware storage system.

*MF007. Australian Woodsmith –Number 7 (Oct 1999)

T & T: Locking stave joints, Rip fence gauge, Clogged Forstner bit, Table saw cover,- Country kitchen table,- Breadboard,- Breadboard ends,- Tool box,- Wall mounted organiser,- Combination square.

MF008. Australian Woodsmith –Number 8(Dec 1999)

T & T: Board support, Piston stop block, Eye screw tool, Pullout planer shelf, Air gun plugs, Cleaning saw blades, Bench dogs,- Corner computer desk,- Desk extension wing,- Tool chest,- Full mortice lock,- Knife rack.

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*MF009. Australian Woodsmith –Number 9(Feb 2000)

T & T: Router ramps, Dovetail layout tool, Repairing mitred corners, Outfeed table,- Roll-around TV stand,- Plate joinery,- Three bookcases,- Must have shop jigs,- Flip-seat storage bench.

MF010. Australian Woodsmith –Number 10 (Apr 2000)

T & T: Utility truck plywood rack, Portable workbench stowage, Drill press accessory bar, Band clamp corner protection, Painting screwheads, Removing adhesive, Sandpaper bag,- Sliding lid boxes,- Curved box,- Mail organiser,- Finger joint techniques,- End table,- Router table tips,- Stacking storage racks.

MF011. Australian Woodsmith –Number 11(Jun 2000)

T & T: Centering a lathe faceplate, Flip up sanding mat, Radial arm saw cut indicator, Transferring a pattern, Cutting a lid from a box,- Chest-on-chest,- Dovetail jig,- Machine-cut dovetails,- Wall mounted utility shelf,- Table saw extension wing.

MF012. Australian Woodsmith –Number 12( Aug 2000)

T & T: Magnetic stop block, Assemble jig, hole saw relief, Dividing a circle, Eliminate static cling,- Two-drawer dressing mirror,- Tabletop stand,- Scroll-sawn bookends,- Working with brass,- Scroll-sawn jewellery box.

MF013. Australian Woodsmith – Number 13 (Oct 2000)

T & T: Flip down casters for outfeed table, Lock for folding sawhorse, Mitre clamping tip, Glue squeeze out, Glue brush tip,- Glass front box,- Getting a grip on clamps,- Modular storage shelving,- Cutting perfect half laps,- Hanging corner cabinet.

MF014. Australian Woodsmith – Number 14 (Dec 2000)

T & T: Extension dog, Screwdriver extension, Cutting leather, Stop block, Making cutout hearts,- Garden arbor,- Step stool,- Low speed grinder,- Hollow grinding,- Flip-top tool stand.

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MF015. Australian Woodsmith – Number 15 (Mar 2001)

T & T: Crosscut jig, Glue supports, Inexpensive end vice, Sharp tool holder, Angled holes, Dust bag magnets, Keyhole slot hanger, pegboard note holder,- Display case,- Hand cut lap dovetails,- Detail carving,- Cook book rack,- Table saw stand,- Accessory box.

MF016. Australian Woodsmith – Number 16 (May 2001)

T & T: Corner cabinet kickstand, Wire nuts, Router bushing thread lock, Router table indexing jig, Stop collar for lathe tool rest, Hand cleaner, Gluing tip, Quick setup gauge,- Kitchen work Centre,- Pastry board,- Classic picture frames,- Serving tray,- Cutting coves on a saw table,- Stacking collector cases.

MF017. Australian Woodsmith – Number 17 (Jul 2001)

T & T: Wine rack jig, Body filler sanding block, Blind saves mess, Hardware magnet, Dust bag zipper, Turned spindle repair, Flush cut guard,- Router table,- Router table fence,- Box joint storage chest,- Box Joints,- Box joint clock.

*MF018. Australian Woodsmith – Number 18 (Sep 2001)

T & T: Featherboards for coves, Rolling a tenon, Installing lag screws, Flush trim jig, Ripping a straight edge, Saw blade protectors,- Chessboard,- Veneering basics,- Bead-front bookcase,- Candle centrepiece,- Top ten router tips,- Flip lid card case.

*MF019. Australian Woodsmith – Number 19 (Nov 2001)

T & T: Sanding disc guard, Tight quarters drill, Plastic cover, Cabinet fan, Cylinder line guide, Small shelf wall hanger, Straight edge support blocks,- Heavy duty workbench,- Workbench accessories,- Workbench stowage,- Hall mirror & coat rack,- Fast fixes,- Craftsman style table lamp.

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*MF020. Australian Woodsmith – Number 20 (Jan 2002)

T & T: Random orbit sanding stand, Arbor spanner modification, Bandsaw setup, CD saw blade spacers, Enlarging brad nail bits, Plumber strap clamp, Router trammel, Plywood ripping support,-  Barrister bookcase,- Spice Cabinet,- Choosing glues,- Paper towel dispenser.

MF021. Australian Woodsmith – Number 21 (Mar 2002)

T & T: Trapping small offcuts, Adjustable sawhorse roller stand, Bevels of another degree, Flat file for curves, Clear the air, Contact cement smears, Get a grip Drop Leaf Coffee Table,- Country Wall Shelf,- Clamping & Assembly,- Storage Chest.

MF022. Australian Woodsmith – Number 22 (Jun/Jul 2002)

T & T: Keyhole hanger, Mortising chisel stowage, Sanding disc holder stowage, Router crank handle adjustment, PVC dust collector attachment, Hand cleaner, Putty leveller,- Contemporary Entertainment Centre,- Pocket Hole Joinery,- Tile Top Table,- Folding Bench,- Garden Lattice Screens.

MF023. Australian Woodsmith – Number 23 (Aug/Sep 2002)

T & T: Flush trim saw, Cord in a tube, Router table extension, Handle extension, Shop made bar clamp. Handy screws,- Classic Cherry Bed,- Routing Through Mortises,- Children’s Bookcase,- Wood Pens,- Mantel Clock,- Maple.

MF024. Australian Woodsmith – Number 24 (Oct/Nov 2002)

T & T: Radial arm saw raised panels, Hi tech push block, Measuring scale, Create curves using a chain, More torque on clamps, Beeswax dispenser, vinyl inlays Cleaning router bits,- Craftsman Curio Cabinet,- Cutting Tenons,- Wall mounted Quilt Rack,- Birdhouse,- Straight, Flat & Square.

MF025. Australian Woodsmith – Number 25 (Dec 2002)

T & T: Tabletop tool trolley, Holding screws in drill driver, Screw removing, Cd stowage bin, Mitre saw offcuts, Bench holster, Sanding fingers, Thin crust plywood cutter,-  Bed side Chest,- Dovetailing quick tips,- Making Bracket feet,- Letter & key Rack,- Keepsake box.

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MF026. Australian Woodsmith – Number 26 (Feb/Mar 2003)

T & T: Roller feather board, BB shot indicators, Locking dowels for trenches, Vacuum your glue, pledge grab it,- Formal hall table,- Mobile stowage pedestal,- Table saw tune up,- Bracket wall shelf,- Trench jig.

MF027. Australian Woodsmith – Number 27 (Apr/May 2003)

T & T: Finishing carousel, Stock centreline, Dryer duct dust pickup, Swing away arm, Under bench paper hanger, Sanding sleeves, Pouring spout,-  Sofa table bookcase,- Frame & raised panels,- Adjustable floor lamp,- Trouble-free half laps,- Frame & panel stowage tables.

MF028. Australian Woodsmith – Number 28 (Jun/Jul 2003)

T & T: Adjustable fence, Spring clamps, Beer can connector, Scalloped corner jig, Aluminium angle spacer,- Patio table,- wrap-around benches,- Mortise & Tenon Solutions,- Tray table,- Wall stowage System,- Outdoor Finishes.

MF029. Australian Woodsmith – Number 29 (Aug/Sep 2003)

T & T: Tapering jig, Saw blade cleaning Hacksaw knife, Holesaw unplugged, Wax holder, Reinforcing sandpaper, Drill press fence, Shelf pin guide, Sanding discs rejuvenated,- Craftsman style cabinet,- Five drawer installation tips,- Arts & crafts clock,- Barrister’s CD cases,- Clamp stowage,- Ten drill press tips.

MF030. Australian Woodsmith – Number 30 (Oct/Nov 2003)

T & T: Pvc pipe clamp stowage, Squaring up boxes, Quicker panels on the table saw, Saw blade stowage, Tap & die stowage, Laminate liner,-  Convertible Coffee table,- Router bit cabinet,- Dovetail key joinery,- Display cabinet,- Storing hand tools.

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MF031. Australian Woodsmith – Number 31 (Dec 2003/Jan 2004)

T & T: Air hose caddy, Modifying a scraper, Small clamp holder, Router stand, Disc alignment tool,- – Bedroom Armoire,- Water based aniline dyes,- Tabletop display case,- Shop tested plywood tips,- Picture frame,- Mitred half laps

*MF032. Australian Woodsmith – Number 32 (Feb Mar 2004)

T & T: Dangling drawer stops, Pvc tool stowage ,Cork clamping, Mess free cleaning, Saw blade stowage, Star knob spanner,- Modular Filing Cabinet,- Home office desk,- Table saw blades,- Desk clock,- Top ten router set-up tips,- Jewellery chest-on-chest.

MF033. Australian Woodsmith – Number 33 (Apr/May 2004)

T & T: Sorting tray, Finishing baster, Hole saw sander, Quick drawer slides, Zero clearance cards, See through finishing repair, -Arch-top headboard.- Straight-top headboard,- Arched Moulding,- Arch-top book ends,- Spray painting tips,- Installing a half-mortise lock,- Paneled blanket chest

MF034. Australian Woodsmith – Number 34 (Jun/Jul 2004)

T & T: Mortise jig for router, Can opener scribe, Silicone brads, Shop made clamps, Inkjet refill glue bottle, Shop vac dust control, Tanning wood,- Classic Buffet,- When to Stain,- Craftsman Wall Shelf,- Dado Blades,- Shop made Beaded panels,- Beaded panel storage bench.

MF035. Australian Woodsmith – Number 35 (Aug/Sep 2004)

T & T: Swinging clamp stowage, Duo disc sander, Shrink wrap clamping, Drill press sanding jig, Pvc sanding blocks, Sticky spindle problem, Fixing loose fasteners Shampoo brushes,- Making Leg Blanks,- Cutting and Shaping Table legs,- Hall Table,- Adjustable Mortising jig,- Plant stand,- Shooting Board jig and a plane,- Tips for sanding success,- The secret to wipe-on finishes,- Low-angle spokeshave.

MF036. Australian Woodsmith – Number 36 (Oct/Nov 2004)

T & T: Laminate cutting guide, Dust collector helper, Template routing spacer, Plane skis, Stand support, Flexible sanding block,- Big Dovetails on the Bandsaw,- Elegant nesting tables,- 10 Best table saw accessories,- Simple frame and panel joinery,- Fast finishing,- Home entertainment centre,- Glass door display cabinet,- Divided-light glass door.

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MF037. Australian Woodsmith – Number 37 (Dec 2004/Jan2005)

T & T: Hammered screw plugs, Mitre gauge squaring, Shop vacuum bumper, Planer sled, Quick shop made knobs, Spray adhesive hold down, Apron pocket magnet, Duct tape sandpaper backer, Rubber hose blower, Dowel drawer stops- New spin on slot cutters joints,- Flat bottom router bits,- 5 steps for perfect fitting tenons,- Keller dovetail jig,- How to handle a chisel,- 5 ways to revive a finish,- Shop made louvered shutters,- louvered lamp,- Country styled bench,- Classic oak tool cabinet,- Fine tool chest,- Wood selection.

MF038. Australian Woodsmith – Number 38 (Feb/Mar 2005)

T & T: Dado blade stowage rack, Combination square mitre stop, Handscrew support, Dowelling jig, Corner drawer glide, Shutter index jig, Paint brush hook, Rust stoppers, Sand bag clamp, Paint can fix, Sharpening surface, Screw remover,-  Sanding without sandpaper abrasive pads,- Using wood fillers,- Drilling square holes,- Perfect chamfers with a router,- Workshop wood stowage,- Mortising table,- Tile top craftsman table,- Craftsman style futon sofa bed,- High style tall chest,- Taming wild veneers.

MF039. Australian Woodsmith – Number 39 (Apr/May 2005)

T & T: Band saw arc jig, Drill press stowage cart, Spin your filter clean, Edgebanding support, Shop made bench dogs, Router table hold down, – One hand bar clamps,- Tune up hand plane,- Plywood edging,- Extra work surfaces,- Three basic router bits for 17 profiles,- Shellac finishing,- Paneled window seat,- Knock down bookcase,- Pencil post bed,- Carving a lamb’s tongue chamfer,- Choosing the best joinery.

MF040. Australian Woodsmith – Number 40 (Jun/Jul 2005)

T & T: Hand saw pegboard stowage, Drill press mortising, Riving knife set up, Router bit stowage, rack Large circle compass, Trellis jig, Shop vacuum hose cap, Shop pencil on a zinger, Disposable tack rags,- Buying Veneer,- Routing Dovetail,-Working with glass,- Router table joinery,- Task lighting,- Perfect pieces on the table saw,- Mixing your own stain,- Picture frames without mitres,- Corner media cabinet,- Tilt and turn table,- A tapered sliding dovetail,- Rail and Stile mirror.

MF041. Australian Woodsmith – Number 41 (Aug/Sep 2005)

T & T: Pipe clamp router lift, Bungee hose hanger, Workbench corner hook, Countersink gauge, Bench tool base insert, Pipe clamp pads, Small parts clamp, Playing card protection, Oil and cotton prevents rust, Waxed paper for glue ups,-  Bench top bookcase,- Night Stand,- Morris chair,- Craftsman Ottoman,- Perfect mortises.

MF042. Australian Woodsmith – Number 42 (Oct/Nov 2005)

T & T: Shop built sweeper, Quick thread repair, Duck billed chisels, Hinge boring jig, Broken screw repair, Hammer anvil, Drilling guide, Panty hose finishing rag, Razor blade scraper, Screw retrieval,-Variable speed router,- Three great gift boxes,- Glass top coffee table,- Curved front wall cabinet,- Solid wood frame and panel,- Variable speed routers,- Pocket hole joinery,- Locking rebates.

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MF043. Australian Woodsmith – Number 43 (Dec2005/Jan2006)

T & T: Handsaw hanger, Sanding tip, Workbench end stop, Large layout square, Fine tune mitre, Chair clamp, Glue clean up, Router drawer fronts,-  Strong & Sturdy shelving,- Simple repairs for Major mistakes,- Mitre Gauges,- Knock-down table base,- Tongue & groove joinery,- Space saving tool stations,- Ageing new pine,- Countertop wine rack,- Modular wine server,- Heirloom tables,- Library cabinet,- Web frames.

MF044. Australian Woodsmith – Number 44 (Feb/Mar 2006)

T & T: Sliding bench light, Biscuit jointer jig shelving, Suspended vacuum hose, Bandsaw tyre change, Sheet goods dolly, Templates for dovetails, Dressmakers’ pin, Finishing support,- Precision Drilling,- Using a belt sander,- Perfect Mitred frames,- Router guide bushings,- Adjustable Trenching jig,- Setting up for the perfect cut,- Finishing brushes,- Display table,- Poker chip case,- Classic poker table,- Inside look at Stave construction.

MF045. Australian Woodsmith – Number 45 (Apr/May 2006)

T & T: Flip up outfeed table, Drill press table inserts, Butt hinge pilot hole guide, Mortising machine clamp, Drill press supports, Level work surface, Zero clearance addon for circular saw,-  Reducing table saw vibration,- Essential band saw blades,- Quartered book matched veneer,- Auxiliary router base plates,- Making sliding dovetail joints,- Low tech dust collection,- 5 uses for a combination square,- Using Gel stains,- Planter Box,- Tall Bookcase,- Jewellery chest,- Wall shelf with drawers,- Half Mortise locks.

MF046. Australian Woodsmith – Number 46 (Jun/Jul 2006)

T & T: Squaring drawers, Adjustable curve, Cutting a lid from a box, Table saw bumper, Index drilling blocks, Drill press crank, Bench vice clamping table, Drill press sanding lathe, Shop made flush trim jig, Steep angle mitre guage jig, Pipe clamp stand, Plastic glue protectors, New use for binders, Sponge spreaders,-  Bargain Router bits,- Mitre saw blades,- 15 tips & tricks for assembly,- Tenon jig,- Countersink bits,- Workbench location,- Getting a high gloss finish,- DVD storage case,- Platform bed,- Inlay mirror frame,- Scribe joints.

MF047. Australian Woodsmith – Number 47 (Aug/Sep 2006)

T & T: Bandsaw blade tension lever, Rolling cabinet support, Clamp jaw extensions, Edge trimming, Interchangeable table saw insert, Adjustable height outfeed roller, Dust mask stowage, Blue tape stop, Tongue depressor sander,- 10 rules for Case Assembly,- Flawless fit for Mitred Moulding,- Veritas Honing Guide,- Random Orbit Sanders,- Perfect fitting dovetails,- Craftsman End Table,- Inlay Marquetry Box,- Curved stretcher accent table,- Traditional Tool Chest.

MF048. Australian Woodsmith – Number 48 (Oct/Nov 2006)

T & T: Sliding pegboard stowage, Gluing up a mitred corner, Transferring a pattern, Layout tip, Drill press vacuum tray,- Planing short stock,- Best Bit for a Flush Fit,- Sharpening a chisel,- Installing drawer stops,- Re-sawing on the band saw,- 5 Router table tips,- 10 easy to build workshop accessories,- Cutting a hinge mortice,- Making a marking gauge,- Serving tray,- Tilt out storage chest,- Grandfather clock .

MF049. Australian Woodsmith – Number 49 (Dec 2006)

T & T: Adjustable resaw fence, Sandpaper cutter, Magnetic tool stowage, Adjustable panel cauls, Measuring round edges, Attaching cabinet tops, Trimming screws,-  Brad Nailers,- Western back saws,- 6 creative clamping solutions,- Rosette cutters,- 10 workshop saw upgrades,- drilling holes for screws,- Secrets to perfect panels,- Compact desk,- Picture frame,- Nesting tables,- Marking knife.

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MF050. Australian Woodsmith – Number 50 (Jan 2007)

T & T: Bandsaw wedge jig, Tall feather board, Mitre gauge alignment mark, Soft jaws guards, Finding a corner radius, Biscuit joint mitre jig, Beeswax dispenser, Brad magnet, Clamping blocks, Drilling jig,- Steelwool,- Japanese Saws,- Installing Knobs and pulls,- Tuning a block plane,- Cutting twin tenons,- Biscuit joinery,- Box joints,- 6 Drill press accessories,- Hybrid finishes,- Desk Top Book Rack,- Message centre,- Arts and Craft sideboard,- Box pin projects.

*MF051. Australian Woodsmith – Number 51 (Feb 2007)

T & T: Sanding over rebates, Tenoning jig, Adjustable outfeed roller, Homemade clamp, Pullout stowage case, Assembly blocks, Removing rivet heads from a drill bit, Japanese waterstones, Edge gluing tip, Quick release feather board,- Assembly Tips, Frame and panel jig, Squaring a mitred corner, Clamp square, Mitre joint corner clamp, insert,- Cutting plywood,- Featherboard,- Box joints,- Brush up on the basics,- Workshop shortcuts,- Garden Plywood Seat,- Small Workbench,- Drop down tool tray,- Magazine Rack,- Shaker Lamp table,- Benchtop Router table.

MF052. Australian Woodsmith – Number 52 (Apr/May 2007)

T & T: Squaring up boxes, Power cord reel, Utility saw, Toggle bolt hold downs, Pegboard bit holder Cutting multiple pieces,- Selecting Grinding Wheels,- 6 solutions for ripping success,- Hand routing techniques,- Dovetail keys,- Splined mitres,- Three-way mitres,- Chisel angles,- Router inlay kit,- Skew chisel tips,- Outfeed roller,- 15 tips for sanding success,- Stool for the shed,- Coffee table,- Jewellery box,- Scratch awl.

MF053. Australian Woodsmith – Number 53(Jun 2007)

T & T: Roller for sheet goods bin, Cord wraps, Pegboard stowage, Plug setter, Corner shelf, How much finish, Measuring pipe clamps, Tool sharpening, Fence alignment gauge, Scroll saw sander, Magnetic clamp pads,- Secrets of jig saw cutting,- Moulded bridle joint,- Cove moulding,- Fitting insert doors,- Tapping threads,- Table saw cross cut sled,- Secrets of great crosscuts,- Table saws,- Wood fillers,- Cutting diagrams,- Curio cabinet,- Hat stand,- Shaker wall clock,- Hand plane.

MF054. Australian Woodsmith – Number 54 (Jul 2007)

T & T: Band saw shelf, Tool shelf, Label holders, Cutting a groove in a round corner, Backrouting to prevent chipout, Rip fence extension, Adjusting a mitre gauge for 45˚ cuts, Routing a stopped groove, Box pin routing, Square box corners for gluing, Paint can lid,Edge sanding block,- Tool steel chisels and plane blades,- Plunge router a versatile tool,- How to sharpen router bits,- Strengthening mitre joints,- Adjustable housing jig,- Picture frame clamping jig,- Great glue up tricks,- Mastering the table saw,- Antique finishes milk paint ,- Making picture frames,- Country pine cupboard,- 9 drawer dresser,- Carpenter’s toolbox .

MF055. Australian Woodsmith – Number 55 (Aug 2007)

T & T: Sandpaper organiser, Sandpaper sharpening organiser, Clamping jig, Workshop made set up gauge, Louvered doors, Spindle sander jointer, Multi-purpose sawhorses, Scraper rule, New grip for F clamps,-  Multi profile bits,- Dado blades.- Ozzie jig,- Top notch results with MDF,- No fuss chamfering,- Cutting half laps,- seven handy uses for peg board,- Water based dyes,- Workshop short cuts,- Full length dressing mirror,- Serving tray,- Curved front bookcase,- Toolbox saw horses,- Hobby chest.

MF056. Australian Woodsmith – Number 56 (Sep 2007)

T & T: Trim edge banding on router table, Magnetic quick stop for table saw, Corner clamping blocks, Mitre saw dust hood..\, Knock down cutting table, Pipe clamp saddles, Cleaning up excess stain, Dado set markings,-  Rare- earth magnets,- Working with epoxy,- Hearing protection,- Pocket planes,- Sharpening drill bits,- Sharpening with sandpaper,- Goggle sketch book,- Beveled mitres,- Hi tech rasps,- Keyed mortise and tenons,- Band saw add ons,- Wax finishes,- Wall shelves,- Quilt rack,- Five drawer desk,- Marking gauges.

MF057. Australian Woodsmith – Number 57 (Nov 2007)

T & T: Roller for sheet goods bin, Under cabinet hardware stowage, Squaring fig, Adjustable resaw fence, Trim edge banding on router table, Magnetic quick stop for table saw,- Bench Grinders,- 10 tips for perfect planing,- Table saw joinery,- Mastering the hand scraper,- Brad point bits,- 7 tips for clean plywood cuts,- casters,- belt sanders,- BBQ trolley and 12 drawer cabinet,- Penetrating oil,- Threaded inserts,- BBQ trolley,- Router table,- 12 drawer cabinet,- sanding block.

MF058. Australian Woodsmith – Number 58 (Dec 2007)

T & T: Quick change drafting board, Heavy duty push block, Cutting identical slots, Note Caddy, Pipe clamp glue up rack, Repairing loose tenons, Small parts carousel, Scrap wood organizer, Panel saw guide, Mastering the Jointer,- Working with plastic laminate,- Router Collets,- Kerfing,- Tenons on the bandsaw,- Quick and Accurate Mortises,- Epoxy inlays,- Router trammel,- Cutting guides,- Working with brass,- 5 options for hardware stowage,- Antiquing hardware,- Thin blades on the table saw,- Knock down shelf,- Display cabinet,- Dovetail toolbox,- Layout tool,- Curved leg table.

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MF059. Australian Woodsmith – Number 59 (Feb 2008)

T & T: Clamp stowage rack, Rolling tool tower, Digital set up gauge, Dowel drilling jig, Sash clamps, Loose panel fix,- Bench Vices,- Safety glasses,- Bridle joints,- Perfect plywood panels,- Workshop cabinet levellers,-Rebates,- Shelf pins,- 5 easy upgrades for your router table,- Breathing masks and filters,- Stropping an edge,- Workbench,- Loft bed,- Desktop organizer.

MF060. Australian Woodsmith – Number 60 (Mar/Apr 2008)

T & T: Finishing turntable, Drilling jig, Stopping insert rattle, Handy wedge, Outfeed roller, Drill press fence, Formica sanding block, Cushioned bar clamp, Checking diagonals, Routing a stopped chamfer, Workshop made bead moulding, Measuring and Marking,- Twist drills,- Clamps,- Resawing,- Cabriole legs,- Working with Aluminium,- Workshop shortcuts,- Flawless fitting drawers,-Backrouting,- 5 Power tool storage solutions,- Staining end grain,- Craftsman Tool Chest,- Coffee Table,- Jewellery Cabinet,- Aluminium squares.

MF061. Australian Woodsmith – Number 61 (May/Jun 2008)

T & T: Disc sander circle jig, Bar clamp extension, Handy internal clamps, Turnbutton drawer catch, Laminate liner, Quick dust covers,- Choosing Steel drawer slides,- Random Orbital Sanders,- Half Blind Dovetails,- Driving Screws,- All about plastics,- Euro – Style hinges,- 5 Easy sawhorse upgrades,- Fitting brass corners,- Wiping Varnish,- Wide screen TV cabinet,- Dovetailed Campaign Chest,- Through Dovetail Jig.

*MF062. Australian Woodsmith – Number 62 (Jul/Aug 2008)

T & T: Hand plane saddle, Edge sanding fence, Workshop made router edge guide, Cutting sheet materials,- Glue line rip blade,- Rounding over bits,- Thicknesser Planer maintenance/tune up,- Making a template,- Decorative metal jewelling,- 5 easy ways to reduce noise in the workshop,- Aerosol Finishes,- Drop front storage centre,- Modular bookcase,- Brass body hand plane,- Tab and Slot Toolbox.

*MF063. Australian Woodsmith – Number 63 (Sep 2008)

T & T: Bar clamp overhead stowage rack, Quick bench stop, Bevels of another degree, Radius jig for bandsaw, Roller feather board, Bandsaw balance, Mitre guage bookmark,- Choosing Oak,- Fitting Hinges,- Ripping thin strips,- Stub Tenon and Groove Joints,- Table Routers,- Cordless Drills,- Jig Saw Table,- Headless Brads,-Crown Mouldings,- Sliding Mitre Saws,- 10 Handy drill press Add-ons,- Wood Cleaners,- Desk Accessory Set,- Letter Bin,- High-Back Hall Bench. 

MF064. Australian Woodsmith – Number 64 (Oct 2008)

T & T: Saddle square, Router plate lift, Box pin jig, Thicknesser trolley, Adjustable bench dogs,- Sanders in the workshop belt to fine detail,- Design and Inlay Spiral Bits,- Jigsaw upgrades,- Chisel techniques,- A bowl bit putting a new spin on lathe work,- Festool Domino,- Saw blade stowage,- Assembly tables,- Wood Oils,- Tool saving tips,- Candle Centre,- Routing bowls,- Laminated mallets,- Tool Chest,- Multi- purpose Table.

MF065. Australian Woodsmith – Number 65 (Nov/Dec 2008)

T & T: Adjustable arc marking gauge, Box fan dust filter, Rip fence hold down, Modified push pad, Quick release drill press table,- Stropping,- Cutting gauges,- Router tune up,- Floating Tenons,- Making legs,- Chip carving,- Cutting threads in wood,- Gifkin dovetail jig,- Hand scrapers,- Make it mobile,- Solid wood cabinet racks,- Oil stains,- Cutting and sanding circles,- Using cutting diagrams,- Sliding top table,- Book rack,- Piano stool,- Scraper plane.

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MF066. Australian Woodsmith – Number 66 (Jan 2009)

T & T: T square router guide, Sawhorse table, Locking dowels for drawers, Keep pegboard hooks secure, Mortise cleanout tool, Brad holder, Enlarging holes, Rat trap sanding block,- Raised Panel Bits,- Mortising Machines,- Bracket Feet,- Super strong splined Mitre joint,- Panel Cutting cart,- Smoothing a frame,- Pre finishing,- Awl details,- Dining chairs,- Kitchen containers,- Bookcases,- Awls.

MF067. Australian Woodsmith – Number 67 (Feb/Mar 2009)

T & T: Variable angle drill press jig, Wheel making jig, Installing small hinges, Gap gauge in the workshop Board jack, Removing burn marks, Wheel jig for drum sander, Marking dowels,-  Lithium-ion batteries,- Japanese saws,- Mallets,- Bench pro 2000,- Table saw tenons,- Edge routing,- 5 essential squares,- Small tool storage,- Bead Moulding,- Workbench finishes,- The Rockler Cove cutting Jig,- Sliding cutoff table,- cutting boards Curved-lid treasure box,- Traditional workbench.

MF068. Australian Woodsmith – Number 68 (Apr 2009)

T & T: Two way circular saw base, Belt sander fence, Benchtop sawhorses, Bench mounted clipboard clips, Recycled plastic bags, New tool cleanup, Angle blocks speed setup, Forstner bit clears waste,-Trim bits,- Waterstones,- 5 great knock down fasteners,- Contact cement,- Vacuum Veneering,- Cabriole legs,- Better box joints,- Get more from your planer Dealing with dust,- Shaping perfect curves,- Finishing tips & Tricks,- The Leigh Super Jig,- Coopered tool chest,- Queen Anne Lowboy,- Lightweight Folding worktable.

MF069. Australian Woodsmith – Number 69 (May/Jun 2009)

T & T: Hose support, Angle block for mitre gauge, Fence adaptor, Layout jig, Small brad holder,-Compact Drivers,- Starting with a straight edge,- Gluing large panels,- Table saw rebates,- Route table tune up,- 10 specialty Router bits,- Top 10 tips for perfect mitres,- Air drying timber,- Perfect curves with sanding drum,- Routing a perfect tenon,- Flocking,- Getting the perfect crosscut,- Garden Bench,- Classic oak wine server,- Beam compass,- Mitre Vice.

MF070. Australian Woodsmith – Number 70 (Jul 2009)

T & T: Rebated bed post, Versatile clamp bases, Fluted column jig,- Bench Dogs,- One hand clamps,- Perfect tapers,- Brazing bandsaw blades,- Managing wood movement,- Rule joints,- Zero clearance inserts,- Lazy Susan bearings,-Custom mixed stain,- Magazine rack,- Drop-leaf table,-Plywood projects,- Centre finder.

MF071. Australian Woodsmith – Number 71 (Aug/Sep 2009)

T & T: Sled for cutting mitre keys, Drill bit caddy, Glue pump, Chalk joint aid, Chuck key keeper, Jointer fence for spindle sander, Quick release router base,- Hinges 10 designs,- Plug cutters,- Installing wood screws,- Making glass pane doors,- Adjustable Tenon jig,- No-Mortise hinges,- Ogee profile,- Folding a bandsaw blade,- Building a router trench jig,- 5 clamping solutions,- Water based clear Finishes,- Kitchen pot rack,- 5 Tier Display tower,- Three drawer coffee Table,- Fine Tool cabinet.

MF072. Australian Woodsmith – Number 72 (Oct 2009)

T & T: Frame clamp, Folding extension for mitre saw, Portable assembly table,- New– Bosch 3 in 1 drill, woodworkers guide to dovetails, Router set-up tips,- Compass planes,- Edge jointing,- Metal detectors,- Leather work techniques,- Custom leather tool rolls,- Replacing bandsaw tyres,- Raised panels,- Space saving tool stations,- Emu  leather lining,- shaping brass,- Lever action toolbox,- Knock down Mitre saw station,- Lighted display cabinet,- Kitchen table and tools.

MF073. Australian Woodsmith – Number 73 (Nov/Dec 2009)

T & T: Flocking gun, Bench dog alternative, Workbench shelf brackets, Wooden g clamp handles, Taper jig set up,- New-The woodworkers guide to bending wood, Metabo powermaxxx li pro, Bosch laser rangefinder PLO 30,-  Drill bits,- Guide Bushings,- 7 Step Table Saw tune up,- Bent Lamination,- 3 ways to rip thin strips,- Dovetail key joinery,- Hardware organiser,- Space saving secrets,- Grain fillers,- perfect pulls,- Pine basket,- Filing storage cabinet,- Library table Router bit cabinet.

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MF074. Australian Woodsmith – Number 74 (Jan 2010)

T & T: Centre finding, Compact clamp stowage, Nylon rollers tend hoses, Sander stand, Squaring your drill press, Tenon cutting sled, Table saw biscuit fence, Allen key guide, –New-A splintered history of wood, Dremel planer, Compressx clamps, Bosch HVLP spray system,- Choosing Veneer,- Second grade timber,- Coping and fret saws,- Drill doctor,- 5 quick circular saw jigs,- Child safe finishes,- Table saw mitre sled,- Solid wood drawer bottoms,- Top 5 workbench upgrades,- 3 ways to apply shellac,- 3 tier in box,- Stowage bench,- Arts and crafts wall cabinet,- Saw handle.

MF075. Australian Woodsmith – Number 75 (Feb/Mar 2010)

T & T: Knock down sawhorses, Installing hinges, Plastic runner, Finishing fix, Templates on self-adhesive labels, Masking tape story pole, Splinter free plywood cuts, Round sanding block, Beam compass, Mortiser setup shims,- New-Vesper tools, Howard butcher block conditioner, Engineers black book and the fastener black book,- Cabinet grade plywood,- Biscuit joiner checkup,- Tenons on the router table,- Lock mitre bits,- Smooth curves,- Cove moulding,- Using a hacksaw,- Drawer liners,- Applying resin finishes,- Dressing up a square leg,- Sanding metals,- Hanging wall shelves,- Snack tray cabinet,- Flat screen Media centre,- Heirloom Calipers and Dividers.

MF076. Australian Woodsmith – Number 76 (Apr 2010)

T & T: Hydraulic gluing press, Lazy Susan router trammel, Trim router base, Finishing jig for table legs, Precision drilling jig,- 5 Tips for using a combination square,- Hand cut trenches,- Beyond PVA glue,- Razor sharp edges,- Router templates,- Mitred Bridle joint,- Block planes,- Small part jig,- Dust collectors and tool steels,- Distressed milk paint finish,- Dovetailed case construction,- Box jointed cutlery tray,- Trough style book case,- Slide out trestle table,- Cabinetmakers saw till.

MF077. Australian Woodsmith – Number 77 (May/Jun 2010)

T & T: Machinist’s vice storage, Box pins with homemade dado set, Easy hinge hole centre finder, Tool stand air filter,- New-For jigs and fixture from Carba-tec, Torque work centre, The box maker’s table,- Parallel jaw clamps,- Toggle clamps,- 7 Workshop Tapes,- Laminated Benchtop,- Mitred Moulding,- Sharpening with Sandpaper,- Frame and Panel Doors,- Saw blade sharpening and face gluing,- Pedestal Drill counterweights,- Timber stowage,- Surface preparation,- Classic Mantle clock,-Fold down workstation,- Glass-panel coffee table,- Wooden hand Plane.

MF078. Australian Woodsmith – Number 78 (Jul 2010)

T & T: Spline thicknessing jig ,Mortising machine clamp, Easy square up, Shutter index jig,- New– Mcjing double panel clamping kit, Woodwork in theory and practice, the house of Bosch,- 7 Knock-down fasteners,- Scraper planes,- Work Sharp WS3000 horizontal wheels,- Set up blocks,- Vertical cuts,- Seamless panel edging,- precision Mitre bars,- Berry and Rod moulding,- Placing your work bench,- Rejuvenation of furniture,- Mired Frame and easel,- Adjustable workshop stool,- Drop front desk,- Scroll jigs and bending presses.

MF079. Australian Woodsmith – Number 79 (Aug/Sep 2010)

T & T: Digital drill press, Router plane, Plug sanding jig, Workshop built drilling jig, Saving wet glue roller, Adjustable brush holder, Hand plane protection, Stubborn Phillips head screws, Project plywood veneer,-New– Lie Nielsen rebate block plane, New masters of the wooden box, Digital readout kits from Carba-tec, Recognition for Australian timber,- Drawer liners (flock),- 7 essential layout tools,- Perfect project parts,- Rail and stile bits,- Perfect fitting finger joints,- Gluing up strong joints,- Troubleshooting tips for your jointer,- Router table tear out,- Twin tenons,- 5 upgrades for your sawhorses,- Odour free shellac,- Dovetailed display shelf,- Folding step stool,- Traditional oak machinist chest,- palm router fluting jig.

MF080. Australian Woodsmith – Number 80 (Oct 2010)

T & T: 45˚ mitre sled, Wall mounted router table, T track board jack, Inexpensive stowage, Drill press belt release,-New– Dog and bone joinery, Readers digest fix it yourself, Mag jig and Magswitch, the Windsor chair and the Melbourne guild of fine woodworking,- Hand screws clamps ,- Bevel Planes,- Zero clearance throat inserts,- Jointing on a table saw,- Table saw mortising,- Profile routing tips,- Saw table placement in your workshop,- Fillers matching the timber,- Utility tool step,- Steel cabinet makeover,- Cabinetmaker’s workbench,- Layout gauges,- Sharpening stone storage box.

MF081. Australian Woodsmith – Number 81 (Nov/Dec 2010)

T & T: Simple drying rack, Thicknesser dust skirt, Tabletop workbench vice, Homemade bar clamp, Pencil stand, Rubber tubing protects shank,- Microplanes,- 5 favorite router accessories,- Versatile disc sanders,-Clamping tricks,  Homemade inlay banding,- Inlay picture frame,- Wall Mirror,- Handsaw mitre box,- Avoiding kickback,- Sizing parts on a table saw,- Changing planer knives,- Starting pins & sizing a door panel,- Designing a sharpening nook for your workshop,- Basic brush care,- Sectioned columns,-,- Woven-seat bench,- Classic sideboard.

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MF082. Australian Woodsmith – Number 82 (Jan 2011)

T & T: Anti -racking device, Save that varnish, Shooting board for any angle, Mitre layout, Auxiliary fence, bar clamp stands, Latch repair,- Carba-tec multimedia, Bosch PST900PEL, Woodworkers guide to hand planes, -Incra clamps,- Super glues,- Oscillating spindle sanders,- Cutting the perfect mortise,- Flawless Mitres,- Through dovetails,- Table saw dovetail jigs,- Shelf life and Forstner bits,- Creating accurate slots,- Penetrating oil finishes,- Loose-wedge mortise and tenon joints,- Woven lid Potpourri box,- Veneered Accent table,- Sliding-door display cabinet.

MF083. Australian Woodsmith – Number 83 (Feb/Mar 2011)

T & T: Flip up stop block, Removing splinters, Panel -raising push block, Spray pan, Jointer push block, ,- Gifkin jumbo jig, Woodwork for women – Butcher block oil, Jessem router table,- 7 must have workshop clamps,- Rare earth magnets,- Magswitch,- Template routing,- Table saw Raised panels,- Making Tambour doors(similar to roller type),- Sheet metal supply box,-Working with Figured woods,- Oils and Waxes,- Wall mounted mail organiser,- Trivet centrepiece,- Two tier storage bench,- Tambour tool cabinet.

MF084. Australian Woodsmith – Number 84 (Apr 2011)

T & T: Dowel centres, Resawing jig, Glue spreader from plastic bottle,, Edge sander, Rare-earth stop block, Spring feather board, Bench dog pads, Foam brush uses,- Porta pine panels, Pocket wrench 2,  Woodcarving course,- Veritas skew block plane,- Working with pine,- Marking knives,- Spiral flute router bits,- Surface planing with a router,- 5 tips for gluing up a panel,- Cutting raised panels on a table saw,- Routing recesses,- Using measuring strips,- Installing a bench vice,- Folding timber racks,- Carnaubra wax,- Build in secret spaces,- Carvers work box,-Country classic coffee table,- Library stand,- Space saving workshop.

MF085. Australian Woodsmith – Number 85 (May/Jun 2011)

T&T: Layout templets, Push block with adjustable heel, Router bit holder, Planing the perfect butt joint, Gluing up large cabinets,- M-power precision sharpening system, Eye muffs, Torque chainsaw attachment, The missing shop manual series, Woodsmith now has free weekly e tips,- 10 Precision honing guides,- 5 speciality chisels,- Routing small parts,- Perfect mitred edging,- Gluing up solid wood top,- Workshop short cuts drilling bench dog holes, large holes, latch instillation, template routing, locking rebates,- essential sanding kit,- Strong and sturdy bridle joints,- Portable clipboard storage case, Wall mounted mitre station,- Hobby bench,- Multipurpose workshop cart.

MF086. Australian Woodsmith – Number 86 (Jul 2011)

T & T:Anchor drawer liners, CD paint brush holder, Sanding block, Soft sander,-  Dremel Trio, MGS-20 guide stops, Gifkin jumbo Jig, Making wooden chess sets,- Choosing a stacking Dado Blade,- Custom Trenches,- Mastering Chisel Basics,- Decorative splined Mitres,- Using Pocket Hole Joinery,- The new super FMT Jig,- Workshop short cuts,- 5 Ideas for handy clam stowage,- Building a moulded door frame,- A close look at sanders,- Quilt-top keepsake box,- Knock down bookcase,- Classic Corner cabinet,- Cyclone Vacuum Cart.

MF087. Australian Woodsmith – Number 87 (Aug/Sep 2011)

T & T: T track trammel, Transparent router base, Multi use template, Magnetic base resaw fence, Helping hand support,-Hardware fitting kits from Carbatec, Festool Multi-Function Table,- Bosch 14.4 Li lon drill,-Wooden puzzles,- Tasmanian Oak,- Wood screws,- Shooting Boards,- Sharpening a plane blade,- Making Ogee Bracket feet,- Bandsaw circle cutting jig,- Food safe finishes,- Cock Beaded Drawers,- Nome made Shooting Board,- Frame and Panel Headboard,- Classic Chippendale Chest,- Hand Planes. 

MF088. Australian Woodsmith – Number 88 (Oct 2011)

T & T: Honing jig, Squaring jig, FatMax Xtreme range, Australian men’s shed, Chilean solid timber sheet products, Puzzle Projects for woodworkers,- – Huon Pine,- Forstner bits,- Smoothing planes,- Mitre saw crosscuts,- Router bit stowage,- Antique Restoration,- Concealing Screws,- Hide glue,- Table Saw Sled,-Tapering Jig,- Routing shelf pins template,-Complementary template routing,- Ten best Table Saw Jigs,- Pizza Peel (plate),- Casual Breakfast table,- Folding Router table. 

MF089. Australian Woodsmith – Number 89 ( Nov/Dec 2011)

T & T: Tool tote, Mobile clamp rack, Saw blade lamp base, Table saw auxiliary table,- Point 2 point, woodriver small chisels plane, Stanley sweetheart chisels, secrets of wheel wrighting,- Hoop Pine,- Sand-flee,- Replacing router bearings,- Quick and Easy Bullnose profiles,- Get more from your waterstones,- Better Boxes,- Workshop short cuts,- Top-notch sanding box,- Solvents,- Mortise and Tenon joi Flush trim router fencents,- Arts and Crafts book rack,- Torsion Box Workbench,- Laptop Computer desk,- Custom Scrapers Shaves.

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MF090. Australian Woodsmith – Number 90 (Jan 2012)

T & T: Back saw guide, Sliding tall fence, Threaded insert helper, Perfect 30˚ angle, Bandsaw insert jig, Router table fence stowage, Handy tape measure bracket,-Woodworker multi knobs, Veritas low angle smoothing plane,- Vertis router plane,- Blackwood,- Diamond plates,- Saddle style dovetail squares,- choosing a belt sander,- Framing squares,- 7 tips for routing perfect edge profiles,- Locking Mitre joints,- Workshop short cuts,- rediscovering the scratch block,- The anatomy of an Automata,- Tailor made filler,- creating better glue ups,- Blackwood Mirror frame,- Cottage style storage cabinet,- Wall mounted chisel rack,- Hardware cabinet,- Router mortising Jig.

MF091. Australian Woodsmith – Number 91 (Feb/Mar 2012)

T & T:Flush trim router fence, Vertical drilling jig, Bandsaw support, Kincrome Timber Lok & Plate Vice,- The Sturt School of Woodworking,- Mcling online,- Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills,- Jarrah,- Shoulder planes,- Dozuki Pull Saws,- Cutting oversized box pins,- Cutting plywood panels,- Cutting discs,- Stopped chamfers,- Cut nails,- Splined mitres,- Beveled feet and large cut outs,- Milk paints,- Chamfers,- Keepsake Box,- Step back Dresser,- Entertainment Centre,- Pull Saw Mitre Box.

MF092. Australian Woodsmith – Number 92 (Apr 2012)

T & T: Dowel maker, Sharpening a skewed blade, CD stowage bin, Delicate parts clamp, Wedges, Insert levelling,- FLAI type u saw blades, Festool Domino XL, Irwin Evo Panel saw, Handmade music factory,- Radiata Pine,- 7 High –tec Hinges,- Planing Flat Panels,- The Hegner Finger Joint Machine,- Router Sled Box Joints,- Flush Trimming Tips,- Rounding Corners,- Routed Edge Profiles,- Custom Wood Hinges,- Workshop Short cuts making a drive roller, building a box joint sled, cutting an end bevel and building a taper sled for the table saw,- Paste Wax,- Table Edge Profiles,- Winding sticks,- Space saving Wine Rack,- Modern Four Poster Bed,- Drill Press Edge Sander.

MF093. Australian Woodsmith – Number 93 (May/Jun 2012)

T & T:Tmallet, Workshop saver, Quick & easy tool till, Cove moulding calculations,- Dremel Saw Max, Jet DC 1200 VX, Woodriver no7 jointer plane, Woodcarving Magic,- Celery Top Pine,- Awls,- Riffler Rasps and Files,- Edge Guides,- Biscuit Joinery,- Cordless Circular Saws,- Classic Sawhorses,- Workshop Short cuts- Drilling dowel to make pivot rods, Wheel routing jigs, the cork recess template and lounge assembly jig,- Spraying Water based Finishes,- Drum Sanders,- Coaster Centerpiece,- Sliding door wall shelf,- Expandable Worktable,- Chaise Lounge.

MF094. Australian Woodsmith – Number 94 (Jul 2012)

T & T:Wire shelfing tool stowage, Tool stand drawers, Camphor laurel trinket box, Aluminum square, A third hand, -Fiskars titanium scissors, Marathon weldtec saw blades, Swiss tec drum sander, Creative wooden boxes from the scroll saw,- Douglas fir,- Engineered veneer,- Gluing and Assembly Starter kit,- Apron tools,- Table saw makeover,- Metal cutting,- Veneered panels,- Locking rebate jig,- Bending form,- circle cutting jig,- feet profile,- Stopped cove,- Installing a lid stay,- Quick and easy finishing tips,- Bending Wood,- Removing broken screws,- Curved-door jewellery chest,- Tool Chest and stand,- Marking gauge.

MF095. Australian Woodsmith – Number 95 (Aug/Sep 2012)

T & T:Sand on a scroll saw, Mitre saw dust collection, Point stowage, Sled stop, Pre finishing plywood, Easy glue dispensing, Jointing thin strips,- Incra I-box, Bosch generation 2PSR 18 Li2 drill driver, Carba ted masterclass, Dremel all-purpose accessory kit, Carving faces workbook,- Australian red cedar,- Metal drawer slides,- Sanding profiles and contours,- load lightening lid stays,- Notch and Tenon joinery,- Sizing small parts,- Tools for perfect mitres,- Reversible drill guide,- clamping jig,- cutting glass stops,- cutting half laps,- Being creative with food colouring,- Locating hinges,- Hexagonal button Boxes,- Modular Craft centre,- Wall mounted tool cabinet,- Parquetry box, Bookmark and Coaster set.

MF096. Australian Woodsmith – Number 96 (Oct 2012)

T & T:Acute angle mitre jig, Router stand, Work sharp upgrade, Drill Dock,- Turbo plane from arbortech HNT Gordon tail vice, Gorilla tape, Woodpeckers knuckle clamp, The art of Carving Netsuke Japanese,-  Blackbutt,- Wire wheels and Brushes,- Digital Angle gauges,- Rout perfect mortises,- Turning logs into boards,- Making dowels on a router table,- Dust collection,- Great colours with water based dyes,- Tight fitting hybrid dovetails,- Low profile Cutting rack,- Folding table,- Infill smoothing plane,- Drop side tool box.

MF097. Australian Woodsmith – Number 97 (Nov/Dec 2012)

T & T:Spray can rack, Small workshop mitre saw workstation, Plywood helper, Fast & easy router baseplate, Thrifty knobs & handles, Bench dog kennel,- Festool TS55 R plunge-cut saw, Mitrebond adhesive and mitre pen,- Kakuri ebony mini planes, Padgham upholstery DVD,- Silky Oak,- Hole saws,- Toolbox saws,- Replacement plane blades,- Router table template routing,- Scotching a perfect profile,- drawing an ellipse,- inlay strips,- making square plugs,- Drill press stop blocks and V grooves,- Finely Tuned Mitres,- Cordless impact drivers,- The right way to rout,- Arts & crafts Mantle clock,- Modern Diamond Bookcase,- Classic Demiulune Table,- Traditional Scratch block.

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MF098. Australian Woodsmith – Number 98 (Jan 2013)

T & T:Change  a sanding disc, Dowel extensions, Handy tool stand, Drill press extension, Temporary pulls, Disposable glue tray, Glue bottle tip,- Kakuri Precision saw set, Bosch PST 18 Li portable jig saw, Suttons 95 anniversary drill set, The art of steam punk,- Tallowwood,- Cabinet lighting,- 3D Drawing board,- Successful drawer construction,- Perfect bandsaw Cuts,- Veneering large panels,- Tool cabinet upgrade,- Workshop short cuts,- Choosing and using finish removers,- Setting goals,- Curved handle serving tray,- Veneered credenza,- Elegant curio cabinet,- Router lift.

MF099. Australian Woodsmith – Number 99 (Feb/Mar 2013)

T & T:Outfeed roller stowage, Mini scraper, Board jack, Adjustable sanding jig, Finishing shelves, Scraper caddy, Nail file sander, Overhead cabinet,- Irwin Marples high impact chisels, Stanley No 92 shoulder plane, The Australian house building manual 7th edition,- Western Red Cedar,- Choosing table saw blades,- Perfect slots,- Card scrapers,- Shoulder planes,- Set of chisels,- Ryoba saw,- Block planes,- Dovetailed drawers,- Building from plans,- Rejuvenation oils,- Classic entry bench,- Stained glass lamp,- Classic armoire,- Palm router bases.

MF100. Australian Woodsmith – Number 100 (Apr 2013)

T & T:Re-hole sawing, Featherboard risers, Simple setup for ripping thin strips, Bifold finishing, Scroll saw blower, Crosscut sled for small parts, Square assembly jig, Glue bottle grip,- Nail jack puller, FEIN 14.4V cordless multi master, Mini-Max C26 combination machine, Wood river chisel plane,- Gidgee,- Knock down fasteners,- Wooden planes,- Work sharp 3000,- Tool chest till,- Two pot spar varnish,= Spinner catches,- Dovetail angles,-Two in one cutting board,- Classic tool chest,- Traditional workbench,- Two bowls,- Compact lathe station.

MF101. Australian Woodsmith – Number 101 (May/Jun 2013)

T & T: Mitre jig, Work big then small, Small parts clamp, Dowel pin jig, Ripping small parts, Cross grain splines, Stand-off block, Adjustable mitre guage fence, Outfeed roller, Perfect push block, small parts sled, Dedicated mitre sled, Slip on fence, Push block, Straight line rip jig, Adjustable featherboard,- Choosing a Table saw,- Table saws placement in workshop,- Table saws types of blades,- Dado blades,- Trenches,- Mitre half lap,- Tenons,- Twin tenons,- Box joints,- Rebates,- Drawer joinery,- Crosscutting,- Ripping,- Resawing,- Kerf bending,- Joining,- Thin strips,- Cutting plywood,- Cove moulding,- Throat inserts,- Raised panels,- Splined mitres,- Perfect tapers,- Crosscut sled,- Crosscuts Kerf bending.

MF102. Australian Woodsmith – Number 102 (Jul 2013)

T & T: Simplify sharpening, Easy epoxy dispenser, Angled pegboard stowage, Feather board jig, Simple knife sharpening block (planer) Chamfer jig,- Gifkins starter pack,- Resaw King,- WORX WX570 blade runner,- CMT Flexible template,- Record Power,- Refinishing furniture made simple,- Coachwood,- Arbortech new products,- Jig saws,- Making an end grain top,- Easy layout tips & Tricks,- Rebate lap joints,- Custom profiles,- Workshop short cuts,- Power buffing a finish,- A secret to better design,- Handy household stool,- Pegboard tool cabinet,- Kitchen Workstation,- Versatile moulding jig,- Between centres turning.

* MF103 Australian Woodsmith – Number 103 (Aug/Sep 2013)

T & T:Trailer jack base, Inexpensive small parts vice, Stowaway downdraught sanding table, Pocket screw depth gauge,- Ultimate workshop solutions Dremel Moto-Saw,- Pour on gloss,- Laguna 10” Fusion Saw,- Tasmanian Myrtle,- Rotary Tools,- Woodscrews,- Dowel Joinery,- Cove Moulding,- Hybrid dovetails,- Optional Cabinet doors,- The secret to homemade wiping varnish,- Stronger mitre joints,- Mortiser troubleshooting,- Traditional Lap desk,- Custom wardrobe fitout,- Sliding door Display Cabinet,- Screw carousel,- Modriaan inspired Vase set.

MF104. Australian Woodsmith – Number 104 (Oct 2013)

T & T:Workshop vacuum rack, Sawdust stripping, Disc sander sharpening system, Handy fold down worktable, Overhead hose stowage, Towel bar clamp stowage, Router table extension,-Celebrating 100 issues with a disc,- Forrest Dado king blades,- Trans4mer jigsaw,- Canted Japanese chisels,- all metal Longworth chuck,- Fruitwoods,- Mitre boxes,- Masonite,- Pocket screws,- Saw blade sharpening,- Biscuit joiner,- Building a framing jig,- Removing heat rings from furniture,- plane facts,- No mitre picture frames,- Space saving wall desk,- Revolving bookcase,- Finger joint jig,- Oyster boxes.

MF105. Australian Woodsmith – Number 105 (Nov/Dec 2013)

T & T: Simple auxiliary fence, Finishing shelves, Multipurpose bench top table, Case assembly stands, Panel glue up supports, Seamless veneer, Chisel edge protector, Easy arc marker, Compact hose stowage, Resaw rescue, Simple workbench hold downs,- The miracle of trees, Vernier scales, Scheppach CS55 circular saw, Fein 18v cordless drill,- Hardness in timber,- No3 hand plane,-Tormek T-7,- Custom dowels,- Stile and rail joinery,-Coping Sled,- Concealed Hinges,- Crackle Finish,- Lapped Dovetails,- Steam-Age Workshop Clock,- Rotary tool Cabinet,- Blanket Chest,- Assembly Table,- Apple and Pear Boxes.

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MF106. Australian Woodsmith – Number 106 (Jan 2014)

T & T: Routing small pieces, using a router starting pin, Routing end grain, Dovetail key jig, using templates, -Choosing the right router,- Plunge Routers,- Top 10 set up tips,- Hand routing techniques,- Router table rebates,- Box joints,- Locking rebates,- Sliding dovetails,- Perfect tenons,- Edge jointing,- Quarter sawn legs,-Straight bits,- Cove bits,- Multi profile bits,- Raised panel bits,- Router table bits.

MF107. Australian Woodsmith – Number 107 (Feb/Mar 2014)

T & T: Router bit travel case, Sharpening box, Horizontal drilling on the lathe, Auxiliary fence with hold down, Swing out magnetic bar, Reinforced mitres,- Woodman hollow chisel mortiser, Suehiro’s new cerax waterstone, Handplane essentials, Bosch GEX 125-150 orbital sander, Scheppach Deco Flex scroll saw,- Scented Australian Rosewood,- Japanese Wooden Nails,-Hand Tools for rounding edges,- Creating a through Mortise,- Taking care of Veneer,- 7 great tips for small parts,- Cutting wood threads,- Dealing with twisted timber,- Dowel holes, filling feathered veneer, Veezy shortcut, Routing small parts and wenge plugs,- Black Japan,- Installing inlays, Banding & Marquetry,- Chair repairs,- Heirloom Music Box,- Rennie Mackintosh – style hall table,- Multifunction Workshop Carts,- Adjustable Tenoning Jig,- Japanese Lidded Bowl.

MF108. Australian Woodsmith – Number 108 (Apr 2014)

T & T: Magnetic paper towel holder, Pull out cabinet, Workshop made bench dogs, Simple workshop mallet, Small piece mitre saw jig, Improved pipe clamps, Wheel dressing jig, Large holes made easy, Extra leverage, Micro sanding disc,- Bosch GMF Professional Router, The unplugged workshop, Jessem clear cut stock guides, Knurling tools, Spring corner clamps,- Arbortech Mini Turbo,- Arkansas Stones,- Routing dovetails,- Workshop short cuts,- Mystery tools,- Lanolin finishes,- Drawer sizing,- Modular Wall Shelves,- Shaker style Tall Clock,- Campaign style Tool Cabinet,- Finishing Station,- Turning pepper Grinder & Salt Shaker.

MF109. Australian Woodsmith – Number 109 (May/Jun 2014)

T & T: Scroll saw base, Door mounting aid, Fold down work table, Easy finish mixing, Perfect dowel centres, Vacuum hose holder, Non slip square, Sanding disc stowage, UHMV plastic pipe blocks, Board wheels, Maleny Wood Expo, Red Cedar- Red Gold Jessem RoutR lift, Prestige and industrial floor tiles,- White Cypress,- Coping saw,- Bar Clamps,- Dowelling Jigs,- Screw slot bits,- Plastic Laminates,- Panel Services,- Radius cuts,- Shelf pin and mitre guides,- tape alignment, wine rack assembly, glass stops and locking rebates,- Drawer pull & knobs,- Classic limed finish,- Ogee crown moulding,- Drop saws,- Countertop wine rack,- Custom kitchen cabinets,- Crosscut sled,- Ebony Knobs.

MF110. Australian Woodsmith – Number 110 (Jul 2014)

T & T: Clamp grinder, Auxiliary top, Drill press table, Adjustable rack, Fast set up outfeed table, Assemble helpers,- Record power carving set, Chris Pouncy woodturning tour, Sikkens EZE E deck brush, Malney wood expo, Be in a treehouse,- Silver Quandong,- Arbortech random contour sander- Dado saw Blades,- Circular saws,- Helping hand jigs,- Shiplap Joints,- Mitre sled,- No mortise hinge- Glass stop,- Push block,- Dods in design(story board),- Workshop lighting,- Straight bits Router,- Manufacture a Try Square,- Step back Bookcase,- Queen size bed,- Planer Cart,- Turning spindles.

MF111. Australian Woodsmith – Number 111 (Aug/Sep 2014)

T & T: Sandpaper dispenser, Router circles, Drawer front placement, Sandpaper files, Workbench tool rack, Sandpaper jig, Reusing foam sanding blocks, Spindle sander, Recycling inlaid panels,- Gerber MP1, Fiskars X27 axe, Turning toys with Richard Raffan, Bench standard’s 3 in 1 Digital Gauge,- Wollemi pine,- Sanding mops,- Flawless Veneer,- Sandpaper Sharpening,- Mitre Clamps,- Signmaker’s Kit,- Cordless Drills,- 7 Forgotten Hand Tools,- Corner blocks, all in one sharpening platform, Custom veneer, Clamping veneer, routing custom moulding,- Epoxy Surface,- Using Edge grain,- Mystery Tool,- Snowflake Trivets,- Heirloom Tool chest,- Bedroom Suite Dresser,- Leaf Motif Platter.

MF112. Australian Woodsmith – Number 112 (Oct 2014)

T & T: Board supports, A better router trammel, Board jack, Pegboard stowage panels, Acute angle sled,- Toribe kitchen shears, Festool TSC 55, Ultimate dust deputy box, The big book of weekend wood working,- Burmese Padauk,- 5 workshop hammers, (Warrington, Small claw, Ball-peen, Dead-blow mallet, Solid wood mallet),- Back saws,- Scrapers,- Bandsaw ripping,- Table saw tenons,- Routing mortises,- Mortise hinges,- Routing a finfer pull,- Restoring Weathered teak,- Laying out dovetails,- Pocket hole jig,- All-in-one craft cabinet,- Bedroom Mirror,- 3-in-1 Drill press upgrade,- Turning twisted columns.

MF113. Australian Woodsmith – Number 113 (Nov/Dec 2014)

T & T: Door finishing helper, Pullout workspace, Pain free clamping, Demagnetise tools, Magnetic task light, Seal the slot, Space saving tool cabinet,- Silky Takeru-Boy, UHMW Polyethylene, Pen mandrel and chuck, Pen Turner’s Workbook,- Californian Redwood,- Glues,- Magswitch,- Choosing washers,- Rubber Band Clamps,- Special Purpose Chisels,- Jointer techniques,- Cove and Bead moulding,- Cradle support,- Sharpening a Scraper Blade,- Finish repairs,- Through Dovetails,- Getting tools mobile,- When to use a rip blade,- Sculpted Vase,- Dartboard Cabinet,- Bedside Cabinet,- Cabinet Scraper,- Woodturning Spherical Hollow Form.

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MF114. Australian Woodsmith – Number 114 (Jan 2015)

T & T: Maximise dust collection, Dado blade inserts, Enlarge a hole, Drill bit tray, Reusing wire rubber tips, Glue penetration Fast stirring, Planing thin stock, Rotary tool base,- Woodpecker decking and fencing screws, SP Tools LED Lamp, WD40 Silicone, Wood Pallet projects,- Radial Milled Forestry,- Nails and Brads,- Forstner bits,- Ripping at the Table saw,- Table saw Crosscutting,- Coping Sled,- Loose Tenon Joinery,- Tote Handles,- Making Multiple Clamps,- Rust removal with Citric Acid,- Managing wood movement (table tops, doors),- Workshop Layout,- 5 Workshop made clamps,- Stylish Curved bench,- Modern Power tool Bench,- Architectural Roof Finial.

MF115. Australian Woodsmith – Number 115 (Feb/Mar 2015)

T & T: Sandpaper grit reminder, Unifence stop block, Step over clamping block, Fly screen spline Self-healing cutting mat, Narrow sanding block, Pivoting fence on a crosscut sled,- Bosch destroyer 18VE-2-U Drill driver, Maleny wood expo, Arbortech  contour sander update, Sarah Beeny’s 100 DIY jobs,- Russian Birch Plywood,- Wall anchors,- Metal Rules,- Panel Clamps,- Marking Knives,- Drawbone Joinery,- Sawing straight,- Sanding success,- WD40,- Custom Knife block,- Compact router table,- Linen Press,- Fire platter.

MF116. Australian Woodsmith – Number 116 (Apr2015)

T & T: Speedy bench top clamp, Clamping workstation, Coping saw vice, push stick v notch, Bandsaw fence,- Lufkin inside outside tape, Kincrome multi-function jump starter, WoodRiver bench plane, Shed by Simon Griffiths, Neil Turner artisan,- Mahogany,- Handscrews,- T-Track Accessories,- Plywood edging,- Mortise and Tenon Joint,- Mitring small pieces,- Large box joints, Mitre jig, Simple drawer stop, Hinge mortise jig,- Chelating (Removal of rust using molasses),- Working with glass,- Cabinet doors,- Handmade marking knives,- Mahogany Coffee table,- Traditional Cabinet on Stand,- Dealing with Disaster( Wood turning).

MF117. Australian Woodsmith – Number 117 (May/Jun 2015)

T & T: Mobile base chocks, T track planing stop, Edge sanding block, Multi mitre sled, right angle clamp,- Arbortech Videos, MacFarlane Bow Saw, Carter Bandsaw guides, Ebony planes, Timbercon and Bench standard merger,- Babinga timber,- Small box hinges,- TTTG annual tool sale,- Planing Bevels and Chamfers,- Gluing thin stock,- Mechanical Pencils,- Auxiliary Fences,- Mortising Machines,- Supersize Holes,- Shur line Mops,- Kerf Bending,- Table saw location in workshop,- Rustic Slanted lid box,- Sink stand,- Classic Bombe Chest,- Lathe Sandig Drum.

MF118. Australian Woodsmith – Number 118 (Jul 2015)

T & T: Loose parts saving tip, Flatten bowed plywood, Handy lathe tool holder, Small parts vice, Magnetic tool rack, Strap wrench for lathe chuck, Low cost folding sawhorse,- Matsui Precision Square, Bosch PBD 40 Bench Drill, 2015 Wootha Prize, Bat flats and mother’s nature mortein, Arbortech sanding discs, Australian Rainforest woods,- Balsa,- Hand planes,- Routing Trenches,- Setting up a Router table,- Lock Mitre Bits,- Brush Restoration,- Crown Moulding,- Metalworking,- Cheese & Cracker Serving Tray,- Tower Bookcase,- Arts & Crafts style Hope Chest,- Turning Howard Chair Legs.

MF119. Australian Woodsmith – Number 119 (Aug/Sep2015)

T & T: Recycled sanding Belt, Simple bandsaw fence, Mortising Machine Clamp, Hot glue for edging, Moveable task lights, Pipe clamp rack, Cupcake liners, Handy measuring tapes, – Milwaukee 5m tape Bosch 18v planer, Dunstone mallet, Bosch 18V planer, Chairmaker’s notebook, – Basswood,- Rare earth magnets,- workshop Plastics,- Good Glue Joints,- Straightedge Guides,- Vintage Hand Saws,- Hand Saw Sharpening,- Router bit Rehab,-Steam Bending,- Clamp Stowage Decorative Keepsake Box,- Dining Table,- Dining chairs,- Turning a vase three ways.

MF120. Australian Woodsmith – Number 120 (Oct 2015)

T & T: Router table dust hood, end-drilling router jig, Table saw infeed table, Easy edge banding clamp, Sandpaper stowage, Soft machinist vice pad,- Long life diamond sandpaper,- Silky Table Noco saws,- Torquata flush cut bits,- Small houses of nature,- Flooded gum,- Workshop tapes,- Countersinks,- Drum sanders,- Epox-E-Glue,- Rasps and Files,- Precise trenches,- Lathe Chucks,- Splinded Compound Mitres,- Heavy duty workbench,- O Six Hundred Kayak Kit,- Fireplace Surround,- Offset Segmented Platter.

MF121. Australian Woodsmith – Number 121 (Nov-Dec 2015)

T & T: Out of the way Router bits, Universal sliding featherboards, Biscuit joiner spline slots, Super paper, Carabiner cord holder, Knock down worktable, Top and Tail bearings (Router Bits),- Hare & Forbes T-135 thicknesser,- Bosch blue wireless charging,- Kincrome Stowage,- Campain furniture,- Rubber wood,- Stackable tool Cases,- Hold down clamps,- Guide Bushings,- Measure and Marking Tips,- Square Assemblies,- Block Planes,- Low cost hardware,- Hinge Mortices,- Workshop Mats,- Cordless vs corded drills,- Box Joint Picture Frames,- Freestanding Towel Rack,- Bench Rail System,- Multifunction Worktable,- Turned Fumed Oak Bowl.

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MF122. Australian Woodsmith – Number 122 (Jan 2016)

T & T: Bench tray, Versatile roller guide, Low profile board jack, Assembly helper, Mortise cutting stops, Dado blade set up jig,- Hakari Damascus Knife, HAFCO woodmaster Bandsaws, Doormaking and Windowmaking,- Carving timbers,- Narex Chisels,- Bandsaw Resawing,- Bobbin Sanders,- Chinese Moulding Planes,- Ogee Bits,- Table Edge Routing,- Cutting Bridle Joints,- Trimming End Grain,- Restoring old Oilstones,- Wipe-On Poly,- Offset tenons,- SketchUp Plugins,- Antique Toolbox,- Fish Whirligig,- Shooting Board,- Turning and Finishing a Gold Leaf Platter.

MF123. Australian Woodsmith – Number 123 (Feb/Mar 2016)

T & T: Cleaner circle cutter, Saw blade caddy, Drill press table gauge, Roller stand brace, Small parts organiser,- Machine mortise chisel handle, Mirka Deros DC sander, The art of Japanese joinery, Revamp clamp kits,- Wauchope Timber,- Custom Bench Planes,- Shaker style Cope and Stick Joinery,- Bench Grinders,- Drill Press tune-up,- Installing Drawer slides,- Reading a Vernier Scale,- Bar Gauges,- LED lights,- Auger Bits,- Drill Bit Index,- Spice Carousel,- Illuminated Buffet & Hutch,- Turning Jarrah Burl Box.

MF124. Australian Woodsmith – Number 124 (Apr 2016)

T & T: Swing arm sheet goods Lift, Push pad tray, Stool to workshop cart conversion, Pocket screws in tight places, Space saving bar clamp rack, Low-cost dust separator,- Panasonic EY74A2 cordless drill, Against the grain, Norwegian Wood, Create from a crate,- Norfolk Island Pine,- Push Sticks,- Calipers & Dividers,- Plywood,- Dust free sanding with Abranet,- Cabinet Locks,- Better Tenons,- Multipurpose Small Parts Sled,- Window Planter Box,- Freestanding Room Divider,- Dining Room Sideboard,-Turning Pierced & Coloured Eggs.

MF125. Australian Woodsmith – Number 125 (May/Jun 2016)

T & T: Five minute miter box, Auxiliary small parts holder, Chamfer sander, Locking pipe clamp stands, Curved parts sander, Sanding disc stowage,- M-stein hook knives, F bar ratchet clamps, Ceramic edge trimmer, The artful wooden Spoon,- Wooden Cobbles,- Warwick Powis (Sturt School for Wood)- Bench Vice Maintenance,- Metal Inlay,- Grinding and Sharpening Solutions,- Basic Carving Tools,- Carving a Simple Add on Bench (height) ,- Bedroom Bench,-Multi-function Swivel Vice,- Turning a Wave Form Bowl.

MF126. Australian Woodsmith – Number 126 (Jul 2016)

T & T: Table saw insert, Dowel end drilling jig, Propane torch stowage rack, Roller bars, Small parts carousel,- 2016 Wootha prize winner, Star-M brad point bits, Bosch cordless GST 18V-Li S, The man who made things out of trees,- European Ash,- Brushless Motors,- 32mm Cabinet System,- Carving Spoons,- Flattening the face ( Sharpening Stones), Splined Mitre Jig,- Dowel hole drilling guides,- Corner drilling guide,- Bore long holes,- Making Leather Strops,- Hall Tree,- Hobby Bench,- Lathe Duplicator,- Huon Pine Vase.

MF127. Australian Woodsmith – Number 127 (Aug/Sep 2016)

T & T: Drill press angle support, Drawer slide tool mount, Planning short boards, Push block holder, Sheet goods helper, Handscrew caddy, -Crescent nail puller, Tungsten Carbide boring bits, Luban bronze apron plane, The genius of Japanese carpentry,- Indian Sandalwood,- Lucas Mill,- Paring Chisels,- Bevel cutting jig, Angled notch-cutting jig, Mitre trimming guide,- Working with Aluminium,- Cyanoacrylate repair tips,- Brass Compass,- Turned Canisters,- Boat bookcase,- TV Console,- Turned Twisted Stem Goblets.

MF128. Australian Woodsmith – Number 128 (Oct 2016)

T & T: Vice Face replacements, I Beam Drill press table, Simple saddle square, Small parts trimmer, Button box feet,- Details of classic boat construction, Crown cryogenic turning chisels,- Robert Sorby thread gauge,- Magnetic base light,- Boab and Bottle Trees,- Edging plywood,- Reinforcing Rebates,- Random Orbital Sanding,- Box Pin Joints,- Wood carver’s knife,- Mortise Routing Jig,- Chamfer Mortise Plugs,- Stopped Trench Jig,- Rebate planes,- Organising with Foam,- Magnifiers,- Veneer Press,- Chessboard,- Gentleman’s Dresser,- Turning Chess Pieces.

MF129. Australian Woodsmith – Number 129 (Nov/Dec 2016)

T & T: Adjustable workshop made arc, Overhead stowage tray, Glue bottle rack, Flattening a worn waterstone, Swivel Stowage rack, Bandsaw sliding jig, Outrigger mitre saw clamps- Dunstone beta stool kit, Carbon fibre rules, Kiridashi marking knives, Grabit extractors, Making Shoji (Screen),- Recycling dead trees into furniture,- Sanding blocks,- Mirka sanding pads,-Splined Joints,- Sanding drums,- Pattern sawing,- Rip fence spacer blocks,- Brads & Pins,- Carving a harvest mouse,- Display shelf,- Drill press station,- Farmhouse table,- Turning five bowl designs.

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MF130. Australian Woodsmith – Number 130 (Jan 2017)

T & T: Adjustable bench dogs, 3D pegboard rack, Mobile light stand, Sawhorse flip stop, Bench hooks,- Half face powered dust mask, MacFarlane TC scraper, Fireply, Hidden life of trees, Fireply from Matilda veneer, – Acacia Koa,- Australian timbers aboard,- Small scale routing,- Working with threaded inserts,- Squaring up a Mortise,- Improving the mortise gauge,- Cope & Stick joints,- Forest Stewardship Council,- Dresser-top Valet,- Pet Feeding Centre,- Pedestal Desk,- Turning a Leaf Bowl.

MF131. Australian Woodsmith – Number 131 (Feb/Mar 2017)

T & T: Bench Tray, Versatile Roller Guide, Router Push Stick, Drill Stop Block, Coping Saw Vice, Bandsaw Fence, Speedy Bench top clamp, Clamping Workstation,- Bonsai kit, Wooden Puzzles,- Maleny 2017, Worx Trans4mer and work light,- Queensland Leichardt (yellow cheesewood, Canary pine, Bur),- Rust free tools,- Digital Read out,- Corner clamps,- Tie down Straps,- Safe rip cutting,- Drawer joints,- Drying Timber,- Slat sanding jig, Slat cutting Jig, Seat assembly Platform, Back Assembly Platform,- Making Chopsticks,- Combination Router Table,- Double Porch Rocker,- 20 tips for turning better pens.

MF132. Australian Woodsmith – Number 132 (Apr 2017)

T & T: Double sided tape in an instant, Blade guard, Workshop scratch pad, Flush-trim edges, Metal blast gate modification, Grit reminders, Tool holder, Random orbit sander cradle,- Lufkin black window tape, Mini revolution gauge, Cutting boards, Glen-drake tite-marks and vesper tools,- Fever tree,- Evan Dunstone,- Angles and Tapers,- Bullnose Profiles,- Plugging wood screw holes,- Bandsaw Tenons,- Stopped cuts,- Working with end grain,- Oval Tool handles,- Finishes for toys,- Beta Stool,- Cabin logs(toy house),- Heirloom Workbench,- Mini Hollow Form bowl.

MF133. Australian Woodsmith – Number 133 (May/Jun 2017)

T & T: Handmade Spring clamp, Super glue and tooth picks, Door knob Awl, Diamond plate holder, Levering the lid, Keeping dust out, Mini buffing wheel, Easy edge trimming, Router table micro adjuster,- Stanley fatmax chisel, Mouse knife, Variable one hand clamps, Soy Gel, Trend Loc blocks, On the edge of your seat,- Paperbark,- Japanese Carpentry,- Premiun sandpapers,- Slot cutters,- Uses for foam,- Featherboards,- Depth stops,- Classic Step Stool, Custom Infill Block Planes,- Rolling Storage Lockers,- Bending Wood.

MF134. Australian Woodsmith – Number 134 (July 2017)

T & T: Hand saw cover, Better suction, Easy taper jig, Router table fence stowage, Revolving workstation, Paint saver, Sharpening trick,- Jim Davey’s shooting board, Fiskers scissors, Seuhiro dual stones, Veritas plane kit, new MacFarlane scraper, The furniture bible,- Bamboo,- Jim Davy,- Bamboo boards,- Kreg shelf pin jig,- Shelix Cutters,- Moulded Profile Mortise & Tenons,- Flattening surfaces,- Caring for Bearings,- Cutting diagrams,- Flat-Fold Sawhorses,- Quilted Cutting Boards,- Garden Potting Bench,- Three Medicine Cabinets,- Dutch Doll

MF135. Australian Woodsmith – Number 135 (Aug/Sep 2017)

T & T: Smart phone holder, Carving tools caddy, Panel assembly system, Stainless steel resurrection,- Torquata solid carbide spiral bits, Makita dust chute, Fiskars Hammer, The Urban Woodsman, Tormek T-4 Bushcraft,- The Maleny Wood Expo 21 years,- Christian Timbs,- Hakone Veneer,- Japanese Puzzle Boxes,- Better results with MDF,- Straight Edge guides,- Cup Turning,- Router plate installation, Stopped trenches, Making a handhold template, Secret drawers,-Puzzle Boxes,- Sawbuck Desk,- 3 Space-saving Carts,- Transition Turning.

MF136. Australian Woodsmith – Number 136 (Oct 2017)

T & T: Easy spline Trimming, Bandsaw Table gauge, Small parts stowage caddy, Clean clamping cauls, Handy glue pot, Mitre gauge fence support, – Arbortech’s ball gouge, Bosh 18V angle grinder Knife kits, The craft of log building, Delta point drills, – Modern Log Cabins,- Col Hosie (Gifkins Jigs),- Scrub planes,- Sharpening Drill Bits,- Cleaner saw cuts,- Classic Dinning Chair Joint,- Gifkins butterfly boxes,- Custom Music Stand,- Modular Stowage Boxes,- Turning a Emerging Bowl.

MF137. Australian Woodsmith – Number 137 (Nov/Dec 2017)

T & T: Better shelves for standard brackets, Non-stick finishing stands, Box pin routing, Routing a wide profile, Ruler holder, Drill press hold downs,- Woodturning trickery, Ox sharpdraw,- 2nd generation Douglas Fir,- Terry Gordon planes,- Choosing Straight bits,- Bargain Tools,- Waterproof glues,- Western red cedar,- Table saw box joint jig, Router sled box joints,- Jigs panel pin, double sided tape, Japanese nails, saw jig, universal square, plunge saw square, straightedge marking gauge, curved edge marking gauge, cutting edge, hinge plate jig,- Ulu knives,- Adirondack chair,- Box-jointed Craft Centre,- King Arthur`s Puzzle.

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MF138. Australian Woodsmith – Number 138 (Jan 2018)

T & T: Clamp handle grip, Attaching cauls to clamps, Quick whiteboard, Small parts tray, Saw table side support, Sheet metal Drill tips, Cleaning sanding mops, Never enough clamps,- Mirka Velcro Sanding Blocks, Gifkins Bearings, Carbide Tipped countersink and Plug cutter set, The Minimalist Woodworker, No Buckle belt,- Australian Blackwood,- Two pass Rebates,- Arbortech Ball Gouge,- Hand cut Dovetails,- Installing Threaded inserts, Backer board for Stub Tenons, Creating Duplicates,- Dovetailed complain writing desk Chest,- Router Carving Jig,- Adirondack Table,- Knock down Shelving System,- Ultimate Outfeed Table,- Turning a Wooden Fruit Bowl.

MF139. Australian Woodsmith – Number 139 (Feb/Mar 2018)

T & T: Table Saw Extension Supports, Improved Push Block, Workshop vacuum upgrade, Wandering workmate benchdogs, Precise epoxy mixing, Pet collar cord keeper, Router Chip Deflector, Slicing Plastic Tubing,- Fiskars Straight Aviation Snips, Maleny Wood Expo 2018, Armor Dogs and Clamps, Heartwood, Marrocarpa,- Melissa Allen,- Latches and Catches,-5 Drill press mistakes,- Cope and Stick Framing,- Table saw Cove Moulding, Mullion Routing Jig, Workshop tool caddy,- Quadrant Moulding,- Glass in the workshop,- Classic Country Hutch,- Multi-purpose Sharpening Station,- Perfect Spheres.

MF140. Australian Woodsmith – Number 140 (Apr 2018)

T & T: Keg Base with Bench Dog, Folding Bit  Organiser, Planer Table Tip, Simple Shelf Pin Jig, Thread setter, Crosscutting long Panels, Making Half Round Dowels, Double-Duty Drawers,- Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge, Bosh Gas 18volt-1 vacuum, Record Power Coronet Herald Lathe, Sawstop, Netsuke,- Black Heart Sassafras,- Bruce Spaulding Boxes,- Tackling Angles,- Creating Shallow Bevels,- Hand Plane,- Spline Kerf Cradle, Groove Routing Guide, Mitre Square Cradle, Angled Trench Jig, Long Taper Jig, Angled Wide Trench Jig,- Dentil Mouldings, Isaac Newton designed bridge,- Precision Mitre Square,- One-piece Bookstand,- Scalloped-lid Box,- Garden Tower,- Traditional Humming Tops.

MF141. Australian Woodsmith – Number 141 (May/Jun 2018)

T & T: Magnetic Router Table Upgrade, Handy Bandsaw Sled, T-Track Accessory Block, Dead-on Stop Block, Table Saw Accessory Cabinet, Stain history,- Veritas Set-up Block, Alfie Shine, Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Hishika Azebiki 90 Saw, Jim Davey Driver,- Pencil Pine,- Justin Armstrong,- A Family Sawmill,- Mirka DEOS,- Tools & Techniques Weekend,- Carved Panels,- Loose Tenons,- Glue Blocks,- Full-Mortise Lock,- Routing Angled Slots, Rolling Wood Storage Taper Jig, Rolling Wood Stowage Assembly Guide,- Sliding-top End Table,- Cabinetmaker’s Tool Chest,- Rolling Wood Stowage,- Router Fluting Jig (turning).

MF142. Australian Woodsmith – Number 142 (Jul 2018)

T & T: Branding iron guide, Space-saving tool platform, Hassle-free crosscut sled set up, Square assembly station, Bucket recycling, Sander boom arm Biscuit painter points,- Embossed Porta timber moulding, It`s my knife kit, Struman HD macro lens, Made with salvaged wood, Traditional Pete`s polish,-  Banksia,- Veritas Prototypes,- Upgraded Screwdrivers,- Choosing Chisels,- Tenoning Jig,- Table saw Sleds,- Pocket hole joinery,- Curved Tongue, Tile Guides, Making Drawer Pulls, Creating Slots,- Seats,- Perpetual Wall Calender,- Domed Steamer Trunk,- Light Drawing Table,- Turning a Modern Ogee Bowl.

MF143. Australian Woodsmith – Number 143 (Aug/Sep 2018)

T & T: Dust Collector Handle upgrade, Anchor Bolt Stowage Rack, Extending a Spanner, Sizing Screws on the fly, Mini Blind Drawer Slides, Bench Vice Racking Resolved, Waterstone stowage, Glue bottle maintenance, Better gripping pocket hole jig, Dowel sizing, Veritas Flush Cut Stop, Preventing vice racking,- Torquata Metric Dado Blades, Handmade, Wood Dust, Record Power SC3,- Willow,- HNT Gordon Vices,- Track Saws,- Abrasive Pads,- Kreg Mobile Project Centre,- Router Speeds,- Bandsaw Curves,- Handsaw Techniques,- Making Cricket Bats,- Acme Threaded Rod,-Hardworking Saw Horse/Bench,- Flip-down Coat Rack,- Traditional Empire Bench Seat,- Lidded Bowl.

MF144. Australian Woodsmith – Number 144 (Oct 2018)

T & T: Edge banding Helper, Levelling Castors, Pipe cut off guide, Extend a clamp, Stand-off for finishing, Revisiting Stopped grooves, Bunnings hardwood stakes, Tin can wad punch, Hockey stick hand rail, Stowage bin labels,- BMI 405 VISO tapes, Gifkins Mitre Jig and Stop, Exactly guage blocks,- Merbau,- Colen Clenton toolmaker,- The Mechanics of Joinery part 1,- Diamond relief Moulding,- Router saving tips,- Chamfer planes,- Installing inserts, Continuous Hinges, Bandsaw disc cutting jig,- Piston fit Pencil box,- Smartphone amplifier,- Top Notch Tool Cabinet,- Turned Lighthouse Salt and Pepper Mills.

MF145. Australian Woodsmith – Number 145 (Nov/Dec 2018)

T & T: Magazine Stowage, Sander Turntable, Set up Block Caddy, Handscrew stop block, Marking Dark Timbers, Workshop made Drawer slides, Dust cover, Cabinet Door Helper Jig, Guide bushing Instillation,- Carbatec Lift and Lock Router mechanism, Mirka Shark blade denibber, The Book of shed, Hedgehog, Spiral Featherboard,- Steve Toscano luthier,- The Mechanics of Joinery part 2,- Bowl and Tray bits,- Barrel Hinges,- Avoiding tearout,- Routing Pockets, Chequerboard Jig, Cribbage Board Jig, Routing jig, Chequerboard Pattern,- MacFarlane Bowsander,- Bandsaw Dovetails, Board Games,- Table saw Stowage Card,- Moxon Vice,- Spindle Fluting Jig.

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MF146. Australian Woodsmith – Number 146 (Jan 2019)

T & T:  Workmate dog kennel, Hardware sorting tray, Clamp stowage help, Creative clamping solution, Two piece saw guide, Bandsaw stop block,- JTA hinge drill, Juuma hold downs, 52 boxes in 52 weeks, Woodfast DS300 disc bench sander, BMI pico tape & Level, Alfie shine polishing kit, Record power SS16V variable speed scroll saw, Mirka roundy kit, HNT Gordon leather aprons,- Demystifying Ebony,- The Leura Bodger,- 5 Drill press solutions,- Square plugs,- Building Drawers,- Router table rub arms,- Ebonising,- Plug sanding jig, Routing door frame, Routing hinge mortises,- Mitreless Picture Frames,- Plywood Bench & Tool Shelf,- Greene & Greene style Bookcase,- Woodturning Indexing.

MF147. Australian Woodsmith – Number 147 (Feb/Mar 2019)

T & T: They see me scrollin’, Parmesan cheese sharps holder, Quick corner chamfers, Efficient dado set-up, Drawer slide outrigger, Plans stand, Pocket screw workstation, Pencil holder,- Torquata parallel clamps, TTG and Sturt weekends, Arbortech mini carver, Making things right the simple philosophy of a working life,- Sleepers,- Chris Vesper workshop,- Helical Cutters,- Bed Rail Hardware,- Resawing Thin Panels,- Edge Jointing,- Installing bed hardware,- Axeman’s Axe,- Wheelwright’s Bruzz,- Block Plane Shooting Board,- Shaker-style Hanging Cabinet,- Angled Dovetail Box,- Classic Craftsman Bed,- Plywood Workshop,- Finial Topped Box.

MF148. Australian Woodsmith – Number 148 (Apr 2019)

T & T: Dust proof charging station, Foldaway router table, Band clamp corner guards, Circular router guide, Locating the off switch, Sawdust collection, Painter glue points, Makeshift rasp, Drill press table jack,- Festool CTL Sys dust extractor, Veritas low profile bench dogs, The hidden life of trees, Woodriver stoplossbag, JTA lapping plate and combination cerax stone,- Fungi and the Forrest,- Hape Kiddle,- Arbortech Mini Carver,- Accurate Case Mitres,- Lapping Carving Chisels,- Rebating on the Jointer,- Foot-cutting jig, Inlay routing jig, Mortising template, Splicing cord, Custom air flow system,  Custom air flow ports,- Carving Netsuke Mushrooms,- Stylish Sliding Door Cabinet,- Woven Seat Tall Stool,- Router Table Storage Cabinet,- Turning Thin Wet Bowls.

MF149. Australian Woodsmith – Number 149 (May/Jun 2019)

T & T: Profile paper dispenser, Transistor radio measuring stick, Clamp stowage, Eel push sticks, Tape depth stop, Check misfires, Spray turntable, Dowel tenon & groover, Knobless sander,- Woodfast BS205B 10″ bandsaw, Organoil hard Burnishing oil, Record Power WG250 wet stone grinder, Workzone Titanium 24V hammer drill, Collecting Titan chisels,- Brian Shugarue planes,- Sturt Alumni2 Exhibition 2006-2016,- Waterfall Stool Masterclass,- Vertis Shooting Board fence,- 5 Jig saw tips,- Sandpaper sharpening,- Aniline dyes,- Relief-carved panels,- Revolving Knife Block,- Byrdcliffe inspired Linen Cabinet,- Rotary Tool Router Table,- Burl Turning

MF150. Australian Woodsmith – Number 150 (Jul 2019)

T & T:  Waxing screws, Magnetic pick up tool, Kreg jig & clamp base, Bottle jack bench mover, Edge clamps, Sandpaper alignment jig, Tilt out hardware holder, Junk mail spreader, Rack helper, Don’t lose drivers, Spindle sander upgrade, Spare change spacers, At a glance,- Bunnings BC plywood, Barks and trunks, HNT Gordon tilting vice,- Flexible square,- Stinging Trees,- Howard Shaw BIX biscuits,- 2019 Maleny show,- Specialty Scrapers,- Palm Router Bits,- Bench Dogs,- Dowel Joinery,- 7 Tips for working with Acrylic,- Latticework Panels,- Finishing Secrets,- Lattice Panel Serving Tray,- Welcoming Hall Bench,- Auxiliary Router Bases,- Woodturning Candlestick.

MF151. Australian Woodsmith – Number 151 (Aug/Sep 2019)

T & T: Drill press drum sander, Dust shield, Sawhorse stowage, Bucket seats, Saw shim and nut blade holder, Bandsaw blade stowage, Golf tee painter points,- Veritas pocket and apron planes, Hultafors mechanical pencil, Roy’s bread knife, Matchfit dovetail clamps, Skydo mineral oil, The soul of a tree,- Walnut,- Hiroshi Yamaguchi,- Choosing Waxes,- Hearing protection,- Perfect Tenons,- Domed Appliques,- Melodic Tongue Drum,- Elegant Dressing Table,- Old world Butchers Block,- Woodturning Leg Design.

MF152. Australian Woodsmith – Number 152 (Oct 2019)

T & T: Bench stand-off, Small parts tapering sled, Router bit protection, Glue up mat, Rule holder, Push sticks, Drill press clamp, Cutting small parts safely, Blade cover, Castor bar, Changing abrasive pads,- Elipse P3 half face dust mask, Woodsmith USB, Lumber wizards, Illawarra festival of wood, Austsaw thin cut blades, Edge plane,- Macadamia,- Dave Stanton,- Tiny Treasures competition,- Respiratory Safety,- Arbortech Power Carving Kit,- Stopped Cuts,- Slots & Grooves,- Pattern & Templates,- Add -on Squares,- Bench Design,- Desk Lamp,- Leather-back Campaign Chair,- Drill Bit Stowage Centre,- Gavels.    

MF153. Australian Woodsmith – Number 153 (Nov/Dec 2019)

T & T: Better measurements, Glue gun caddy, Crosscut sled box joint jig, Quick hinge mortise jig, PVC outfeed support, Makeup dispenser, Axis limits, Cheaper sweeper, End grain router sled, Push stick scabbard, Paint roller paper towel holder,- Gransfors bruk axes, Nakahashi mortice chisel, Zinsser bin, The Danish art of whittling, the perfect gift,- Termites,- Jeff Donne,- Dealing with snipe,- Forstner Bits,- Taming Tearout,- Rockler Box Joint Jig,- Brown paper bag Seasoning,- Master class with Evan and Adam,- Mini Cutting Board and Cheese Slicer,- Christmas Boxes,- Classic Armoire,- Hand plane,- Carving Sloyd Puppets

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MF154. Australian Woodsmith – Number 154 (Jan 2020)

T & T:  Crosscut sled storage, Drill press hold down, Workshop valet, Router lift crank, Keeping thin plywood sheets flat, Accessory shelf,- Hart heavy duty chisels, 4mm and 6mm Torquata dado blades, Bench bolts, Wooddriver silicone chisel edge guards, Adjustable circle cutter, The Japanese house, Nail jack,- New Zealand Kauri,- Bret Davis,- Salvaged Timber,- Coping & Fret Saws,- Stowage Options,- Mortising Machine Techniques,- Master Class Window Seat,- Tealight Candle Centrepiece,- Stackable Tool Tote,- Floating Display Shelves,- Barn Door Cabinet,- Turning Triptych in Oak

MF155. Australian Woodsmith – Number 155 (Feb/Mar 2020)

T & T: Scissor jack stand for precise control, Bandsaw dust collection, The bat stand, Blade tension reminder, Using your noodle, Rotating table Latch,- Arbortech mini pro, Dianova lapstone, Magnetic base LED magnifier and rule stop, Japanese honing guide, Why we make things and why it matters,- Morgan Cars,- Combination Squares,- Arbortech Power Carver,- Plunge Router,- Cutting Mill stones,- Crafting Kumiko,- Display Cabinet,- Benchtop Table Saw Workstation,- Turning Scorched Ash Vase.

MF156. Australian Woodsmith – Number 156 (April 2020)

T & T: Workshop panel clamps, Mitre saw fence stop, Card scraper honing jig, Resaw pushstick, Disposable epoxy mixer, Workshop made toggle clamp, Chalk remover,- Carbatec inline cyclone dust collector, Shoji, Bessey varioclippix (Spring Clamp), Kutzall wood rasp, TM contour gauge,- Carbon and Climate,- Exotic wood Accents,- StewMac Safe-t-Planer,- Shopping for Bandsaws,- Carving with the Mini Pro,- Handsaws,- Shaker Boxes,- Roll-top Chisel Case,- Ultimate Rocking Horse,- Perfect Sanding on the Lathe  

MF157. Australian Woodsmith – Number 157 (May/Jun 2020)

T & T: Dust shelter, Table saw length stop, Prevent splitting, Sizing peg board hooks, Straight edge jointer, Renewable push block, Pencil pockets,- Hafco two in one combination, Lufkin shockforce tape measure, Arlec remote controlled power outlet, Star-m drill bits and guide, The songs of trees,- FAB9 (maker space),- Auto Blast gates,- Studio Woodworkers Australia,- Spline Joints,- Large Box Joints,- Waterstones,- Japanese carpentry,- Beverage stand,- Multi-function A Hobby Station,- Tansu Cabinet,- Woodturning Cathedral inspired Pot.

MF158. Australian Woodsmith – Number 158 (Jul/Aug 2020)

T & T: Chamfering edges, Wrap your clamp, Router fence finetuning, Small sled hold down, Vice dogs, Drafting table conversion, Shooting plane grip,- Makita 18v wet/dry vacuum, Luban spoon plan, Perfect portable planer, Moxon vice hardware, The allure of fungi,- Steve Somerfield’s Universal Router guide(URG), Knobs and Inserts,- Must have clamp sets,- Routing small parts,- Drill Press Mortices,- Maintaining a Table Saw Top, Installing a Half – Mortice Lock,- Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding wheels,- Succulent Plant Stands,- Mobile Clamping Station,- Kentucky Sugar Chest,- Turning Dėjȧ vu.

*MF159. Australian Woodsmith – Number 159 (Sep/Oct 2020)

T & T:  Brush saver, Beyond small boxes, Small parts ripping sled, Sizing peg hooks, Quick reference clamps, Homemade roller stand,- Carving knives, Diablo snap lock plus, Shaker inspiration, Fine box hardware,- Lignum Vitae,- Upgrading to Spiral Cutters,- Compass, Dividers & Trammels,- Dovetail Design Details,- Ripping at the Router table,- Crackled Finish,- Table saw jig for turning pins, Cutting golf balls into pucks,- Sliding dovetails,- Shadow boxes,- Wall-hanging Tool Cabinets,- Baby Cradle,- Art Nouveau Alphabet.

MF160. Australian Woodsmith – Number 160 (Nov/Dec 2020)

T & T: Skateboard helper, Hardware stowage, Better dust collection, Tug-free sanding hose, Extendoclamp; Arbortech precision carving system, Fiskars painter’s knife, Robert Sorby gilt edge chisels, The intelligent hand, Japanese circular saw guide,- Japanese Marking Knives,- Choosing Clock Components,- Gloves in the Workshop,- Making Dowels,- Backrouting,- Router Table Fence Options,- Carving Numbers,- Etched glass door, Trammels, Straight shoulders, Hinge instillation jigs,- Natural Finishes,- Coaster Set,- Special Memories Box,- Traditional Wall Clock,- The lost art of Therming (Square Turning),- Kanawa Tsugi.

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MF161. Australian Woodsmith – Number 161 (Jan/Feb 2021)

T & T: Pegboard on a lazy Susan, Sharpen dowels, Too many dog holes, Drill press sanding drum, Cutting domino joints on a lathe, Chopsticks in the workshop, Sizing dowels, Sticky screws,- Sansho spray oil, LED work lamp, Luban small router plane, Slӧjd in wood,- Tree Whisperers,- Arbortech Precision Carving System,- Photoluminescent Powders,- Setting up your Chisels,- Circular cuts on the table saw (spiral cuts, round workpieces, round tenons),- Stripping paint,- Candle Lantern,- Standing Mirror,- Steam Locomotive, Christmas Decorations

MF162. Australian Woodsmith – Number 162 (Mar/Apr 2021)

T & T: Flag small parts, Ratchet sleeves, Upscale screw container, Glue brush holder, Plastic sign protector, Dowel pegboard hook, Emergency stop,- Star-m combination auger bits, Chairpanzee sightline calculator, Vice jaws, The Welsh stick chair, The traditional tools group,- History of nails,- Sturt 2020 Graduate Exhibition,- Router Accessories,- Smooth Curves,- Box Chucks,- Candle Centrepiece,- Bauhaus Chest Set,- Curved Chest of Drawers,- Welsh Stick Chair,- Splice Pots.

MF163. Australian Woodsmith – Number 163 (May/Jun2021)

T & T: Handscrew sander stand, Sanding holes, Sandpaper quick reload, Workshop made knob, Workbench mat, Manual keeper, The big protractor,- Cut & dried, Henry Eckert rebate plane, Iwasaki wood files, Winbag, 3RT designer hardwood,- After the Fires,- Diamond plate finishing,- Belt Sanders,- Chair Devils (scrapers),- Drawknives and Spokeshaves,- Cutting threads in timber,- Workshop Stool,- Twisted Dovetails,- Multi-function Shavehorse,- Arched-stretcher Sofa Table,- Renaissance Tool (woodturning).

MF164. Australian Woodsmith – Number 164 (Jul/Aug 2021)

T & T: Straight up sanding, Dull edges, Power strip mounting, Spray paint stowage, A third hand, Mortising machine dust cover,- Beavercraft comfort bird carving kit, Scheppach HF50 router table, The complete Japanese joinery, Kamiwaza gotoku plane.- English Oak,- Surcare SMF-V4 sander,- Rebuilding a Stanley10½ Plane,- Moisture Meters,- Forging a Blade,- Avoiding kickback,- Using Kumiko in Furniture,- Hegner up grade,- Wine Rack,- Arts & Crafts entry Door,- English Workbench,- Turning hollow Birch Forms.

MF165. Australian Woodsmith – Number 165 (Sep/Oct 2021)

T & T:  Outfeed support, Apron helper, Foam painter’s points, Modular pegboard caddy, Pinking shears, Bright tool markings, Trimming dowels, Scheppach track saw, Aputure portable LED light, Japanese wooden boatbuilding, Henry Eckert no 65 adjustable mouth block plane,- Kevin Potter,- Flexible Abrasives,- Beading bits,- Working with Small Parts,- Knife Handles,- Runners for Jigs,- Bandsaw Boxes,- Waterfall Bookcase,- All-in-one Workstation,- Turning Wooden Ladles.

MF166. Australian Woodsmith – Number 166 (Nov/Dec 2021)

T & T: Micro mesh grits, Strop cushion, Mortising machine story stick, Circle routing jig, Oversized dowelling buttons, The magic of Velcro,- Tiger 2500 wetstone grinder, Youbidoh mortice gauge,  The wall volumes 1-3, Shinwa square, Tiny treasures dovetails competition 2022,- Morrisons Huon Pine Sawmill,- Cutting Secret Dovetails,- Food Safe Finishes,- Drawbore Joinery,- Paul Raciborski Welsh Chairs,- Veteran Huon Pine,- Carving Board,- Figured Sycamore Jewellery Box,- Turning Carved Rim Platter

MF167. Australian Woodsmith – Number 167 (Jan/Feb 2022)

T & T: Sticky tack painter points, Even pressure, Adjustable router stop block, Tighten loose mitre bars, Vice guards, Chair rail, How to plan thin parts, Dust free glasses,- Carving tool sharpening jig, Hock chef knife kits, U-beaut pearl hide glue, Making a chair from a tree, Ikeda nobex saw blades, Willo,- Clever Cooperage,- Wooden penstock,- True grit sandpaper,- Using hide glue,- Router Trenching jigs,- Routing Circles,- Tilted Tenons,- Patio Planter,- Floor Lamp,- Empire Chest of Drawers,- Turning Kendama

MF168. Australian Woodsmith – Number 168 (Mar/May 2022)

T & T: Finest finish, Surgical tubing clamp, Clamp on light holder, Circular saw edge guide, Cooking out the water, Plug cutter clamping- Brisa ulu blade, DS300 bench disc sander, Mokuhanga fundamentals,- Installing Auto Blast Gates,- Best Abrasives,- Flush trim bits,- Rule Joints,- Using Hook Knives,- Spline Joints,- New Gifkins Techniques,- Sumimaru Kanna,- Bathroom Stowage Cart,- Hook Knives,- Campeche Chair,- Shaker Sewing Cabinet,- Turning Drawer pulls.

MF169. Australian Woodsmith – Number 169 (May/Jun 2022)

T & T: Squeezeout free gluing, Magnetic dust collection, Improved grip, Easy pattern removal, Lathe drum sander, Bandsaw tensioner,- Country woodcraft then and now, Bosch 1P laser level, Shinwa tape measures, Hafco T135 helical head bench mount thicknesser,- Stu Dennis Knifemaking,- TTTYG Annual Tool Sale,- Sturt Gallery Beyond Ordinary,- Flattening large surfaces,- Spiral cutting heads,- Maximising bowl blanks,- Kitchen Tools,- Curved Dovetail box,- Tall Clock,- Mitre saw Station,- Turning a Asymmetrical Vase.

MF170. Australian Woodsmith – Number 170 (Jul/Aug 2022)

T & T: Zero-clearance table saw insert, Panel cart workstation, Cord reel, Back-saving bench,- Laguna P-flux 3 dust extractor, David Barron dovetail guides, Woodturning wizardry, Hafco woodmaster OS-140 bobbin sander,- Jurassic Bunya Bunya,- Gluing with Sandbags,- Washi,- Wood insert Joinery,- Tenoning with a Router,- Cabinetry Shortcuts,- Anti rust Plane Socks,- Make a Staircase,- Kumiko Lamp Shade,- Weekend Workshop,- Small Chest of Drawers,- Turning a Singapore Ball.

MF171. Australian Woodsmith – Number 171 (Sep/Oct 2022)

T & T: Dust free drawer bottoms, Mini router circle jig, Router table stowage, Small glue ups, Tape dispenser,- Brad point drills, Mirka galaxy abrasive disc, BP-255 Bandsaw and circle cutting attachment, The wood age,- Hacking IKEA Ivar shelves,- Nari Watabe-san,- Push sticks,- Mixed media inlays,- Grooves and Slots,- Pottery Wheel Lapping,- Drilling by numbers,- Kumikko Blocks,- Bar Stools,- Harvey Ellis Desk,- Moxon Vice,- Simple salad Bowl turning.

MF172. Australian Woodsmith – Number 172 (Nov/Dec 2022)

T & T: Installing threaded inserts into plywood, Beads without a beading bit, Quick lathe tool holder, Compact sharpening holder, Pre finishing protection, Mitre frame clamping,- Magswitch drill press fence, Igaging rollbot, Foundations of woodworking, Record power SC4 scroll chuck,- Terry Gordon Revisited,- Concert hall Acoustics (Sydney Opera House),- Quick Start Drill Press Guide,- Sharpening Jig for Carving Tools,- Quality Tungsten Inserts,- Pneumatic or Electric Sanders,- Carving Bowls using Gouges ,- Kumiko Trivets,- Japanese Tool Box,- Chess Set,- Workshop Sidekick,- Ten top tips for Turning.

MF173. Australian Woodsmith – Number 173 (Jan 2023)

T & T: Threaded knob riser, Plane hanger, No drift bandsaw, Drill guide, Circular saw crosscut jig, Bandsaw circle jig,- Chip carving, Hafco woodmaster M16 chisel mortice, Fiskars carpenter knife and scissors, Apron squares and level,- Steam Bent Boxes,- Quick & Easy Construction,- Hand sawing Techniques,- Coppice or Pollard Hanging heavy Doors,- Square Chip Carving,- Small Scale Home Office,- Arts & Crafts Chest of Drawers and Mirror,- Zero Play 360 Sled Kit,- Turning Rustic Beaded Box.

MF174. Australian Woodsmith – Number 174 (Feb/Mar 2023)

T & T: Reinforcing with biscuits, Temporary tape pulls, Wedging the edge, Threaded insert jig, Drawer slim Jim, Saw & router guide,- Atoma diamond lapping plate, Tiny treasures dovetails competition 2023, Roxon multitool, Japanese knife sharpening, TTTG annual tool sale,- 3D Printing in the Workshop,- Beckets and Deck Quoits,- Bridle Joints on the table Saw,- Installing Skiting Boards,- Bedside Cabinet Mortising Jig,- Glue Line Rip Blades,- Lignum Vitae timber,- Sea Chest,- Valet Chair,- Arts and Crafts Bedside Cabinet,- Workshop Station,- Turning a Sweet Chestnut Bowl.

MF175. Australian Woodsmith – Number 175 (Apr 2023)

T & T: Beer can solutions, Hinge saddle square, Hose swing arm update, Featherboard rail, Coloured scrap, Mitre gauge flip-up stop,- Shinwa sliding bevel, Fisch wave cutters, Narex spoon carving kit, Dewalt contractor saw, Swiss army knife whittling book,- Vibration in the Workshop,- Clever Little Helpers,- Tips for using a Bevel Gauge,- Planing Rough Stock,- Festool DOMINO Hacks,- Alternate Bahut Handle,- Hand Plane Restoration,- Swedish Ring Trivet,- Bahut Cabinet,- Router Table,- Turning Reverse Mounts.

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