The Club has a limited number of Triton spare parts for sale.

If you wish to purchase any item, drop an email to the Webmaster. Postage or other shipment will be extra.
Part numbers can be found on your original equipment instructions, or at Search Triton Spares.

Part no. Description No. Sale price


2000 Workcentre
WCA192 Hold down fingers 1 $15.30 New, sealed
WCA259 + WCA260 Pair of inner arms with scale 1 $68 New
WCA330 Centre saw slot 2 $55.50 New, sealed, with rivets
WCA333 Overhead guard 2 $34.30 New, sealed
WCA334 Guard support (replica) $35 This part is no longer available from Triton, but our Secretary has made replicas. See his post on Gumtree
“Triton WCA334 replicas” for a photo.
WCA369 Captive push stick and fingers 4 $22.50 New, sealed
WCA388 Saw guard 1 $8
WCA408 Bearing spacer 2 $1.50
WCA416 Chassis brace 2 $2
Height winder
WCA437 Chassis hook for MK3 1 $5
Router Table RTA300
RTA363 Spacer 2 $4 New
RTA374 Micro adjuster 1 $20
RTA395 + RTA366 Finger post & washer 2 $8 New
RTA398 Locking hook 1 $4 For use when RTA306 is used in 2000 workcentre
RTA399 Insert rings 1 $20.50 New, sealed
RTA421 Clamp unit from kit RTA421:
Base, spring, clamp (parts 61,62,63)
3 $6 Can replace earlier model large clamps. These could also be used for clamping on jigs. Need a 6mm or ¼” bolt and knob or nut.
Plate spacers from kit RTA421 (part 57) 4 $2 Used with a Triton router sub-plate.
Router TRA001
TRA027 Speed controller 1 $109.30 New, sealed
TRA148 Orange plastic micro release knob 1 $15 New, sealed
CMA043 Large knob M6 thread 2 $15 New, sealed
Sliding extension table
CMA044 Large knob M8 thread 2 $15 New, sealed
ETA232 Locking latch 2 $8
Finger Jointer
FJA004 Fixed fence 3 $20
Superjaws SJA001 (old model)
SJA140 Pedal latch bar 1 $4
Biscuit joiner        
BJA022 Slotted plastic window 1 $13.50 New, sealed
BJA029 Notched plastic window 1 $13.40 New, sealed
BJA308 Moving guards on the cage 4 $17.40 New, sealed
BJA312 Dust extractor connection 1 $10


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