TRITON: an inspirational example of how innovation and determination – plus the power of television – built a successful enterprise. In 1975, George Lewin – then a 25-year old journalist living in Melbourne – invented the original Triton saw bench, while struggling with his first woodwork project since schooldays, a coffee table…

George saw the potential of the workbench, patented it and tried to get a manufacturer interested in making it, but without success. It was very close to being just another good idea when he got some TV exposure via “The Inventors” program on the ABC. The workbench went on to become a national icon with sales of over $300m.

George Lewin and a Triton Mk 1, Mk2, Mk 3 and Series 2000 Workcentre.

George Lewin and (from right to left) a Triton Mk 1, Mk2, Mk 3 and Series 2000 Workcentre.

Constant research & development over the years resulted in many minor improvements between the major model changes, as well as the development of a wide range of accessory products.

Over the years the Triton company has passed through a number of hands and is still operating.

Triton manuals can be found here.