Oct 202021

Members have been busy making bird boxes for the Lions Croke Place Wetlands Landcare Group – part of the Ginninderra Catchment Group

Ron introduced the teams making the bird boxes at the meeting. All the makers enjoyed the opportunity to work with other club members in making the boxes. When there were problems, or things did not turn out as they hoped, the common catch cry of all groups was…”its only a bird box!!”.

The teams were;

  • Spotted Pardalote
  • Crimson Rosella
  • Eastern Rosella
  • Kookaburra
  • Nightjar
  • Red-rumped Parrot

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!

The boxes were presented to Mick wearing his Landcare hat. The following video shows Mick giving a bit more information about the group (and a little bit about a local woodworking club!)

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Debbie from Bunnings for supplying all the materials for the project. She and her husband (another Mick) were pleased with the outcome and enjoyed seeing how Bunnings donations were making a valuable contribution to the community.

Lindsay From COTA gave a short presentation on the Silver in Gold Expo. Sadly the Expo has been postponed, but when it’s finally held the Club will hopefully be running a stand at the Expo, and Lindsay will organise for the Landcare group to have an adjoining stand to highlight the work being done by TOCACT in the Community.

The evening was rounded off with some great demonstrations on board making.

The router – connected to Brian’s cyclonic dust extractor and the vacuum cleaner (no dust in the face tonight) – was in full use for demonstrations of tongue and groove cuts and biscuit joining to make wide boards for table tops etc.

  • Brian demonstrated specialised tongue and groove router bits (relatively expensive) and general cutters (inexpensive) to achieve similar results.
  • Ron demonstrated biscuit joining just using a biscuit cutter bit and the fence of the router.
    The techniques used by Brian and Ron could be performed on any router table and were not specific to Triton, although Brian did show us the Triton biscuit joiner.

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