Feb 032021

Rules Relating to the 2021 Photographic Competition

  1. Projects submitted for the competition should have been constructed by members entering the competition, within the last 3 years and not previously entered in a Club competition.
  2. Projects should be of a nature whereby they cannot be entered into the Club’s annual woodworking competition, for example, they are too large/ fixed in place, etc.
  3. Judging of projects will be undertaken by all members present at the meeting at which the competition is held.
  4. As projects will be judged based on photographs and related descriptions, entrants should ensure they submit sufficient photographs to enable a full assessment of the merits of their entry or entries.
  5. Photographs of the project during construction phase would be welcome.
  6. Photographs should, if possible, be taken from different angles and include close ups of any notable woodworking features or joints.
  7. Entrants should submit for each project a brief fact sheet detailing materials and techniques used and any notable features of the project.
  8. There will be three categories of projects – indoor projects, outdoor projects and workshop projects.
  9. Entries should be submitted via email to Ron* to allow circulation to members.
  10. Entrants will be requested to make a brief presentation to members prior to judging.

The judging criteria and points allocations for the competition were as follows:

  1. Finish (appropriate for conditions and well applied) 20 pts
  2. Construction (techniques, joints, etc) 25 pts
  3. Design 25 pts (more points for original or modified designs)
  4. Use of recycled material 10 pts
  5. Fit for use (how useful is it?) 20 pts