Oct 142019

Chris & Brian gave members a great presentation and demonstration on routing small pieces.


Click on the pictures below for Chris’s original presentation and some further background from one of his sources.


As part of the demonstration, Chris showed us a great jig for pattern routing small pieces – click on the picture or video below for more information


After cake, tea and a good chat, Chris then gave a presentation on making workshop equipment mobile – click on the first page below for the full presentation.

Chris also sent out a link to the following video on an amazing flip top mobile workbench – at the end of the video, note the castors mentioned in Chris’s presentation above.


A little bit of trouble with Chris’s last video on bevel cutting (we’ll get that fixed), but to finish off a great night we had quite a bit of discussion by members. Mick came up with a very good idea for not being surprised in the the workshop by the kids – get a safety mirror!

This one is quite reasonably priced, and safe for the workshop.