Aug 212019

Scott began a great night with a presentation on a portable Festool style workbench that he and Stephen are building.

Festool Basic Multifunction Table.
Click on picture to get further information.

Looking forward to Stephen’s follow up presentation next month!


Hugh also gave us a presentation on his new fold-up Workbench, plus his amazing glue-up table and innovative approach to achieving a fully functional Workshop in very limited space.

Hugh’s Workbench

Hugh’s Glue-up Table

Hugh’s Workshop

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Chris sent members a link to the following video by Timbecon on Designing Your Workbench.

Plus a link to their workbench accessories, including holdfasts and dogs.

And to finish a great night, Chris showed us an alternative process to cutting coves on the Workcentre using a parallelogram.

Woodsmith Cheese & Cracker Tray Plans

Cheese & Cracker Tray Preview


If you don’t have access to the full video by Woodsmith, following is a similar process from the Woodwhisperer that may be of interest.

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