Jul 082019

We had a preview of Chris’s beautiful workbench last month, and this month Chris showed us where he got his inspiration from – Robert Lang’s 21st Century Workbench.

Click on the pictures below to see a video on how versatile the workbench is and how to buy the plans at a very reasonable price.


And then – another excellent workbench from Brian! Click on the pictures below for the original plans or Brian’s economic modifications (with a costing of various options – excellent value!)

Brian’s Modified Workbench with Costing


Members were then given practical demonstrations of 2 different methods for cutting tapers on the Workcentre. Brian used a Taper Jig from Carbatec, and Chris used his L-Jig coupled with an electronic angle finder.

Brian’s Method – the Carbatec Taper Jig

Chris’ Method – L-jig and electronic angle finder


Craig then showed us a simple idea for a plant stand

And Chris finished an action packed night with a list of his favourite websites

(click on the picture to see the full list and actionable links)