Mar 122019

Our March meeting began with a practical demonstration of the versatility of the Triton Workcentre by our excellent demonstrator Brian.
We looked at a whole range of dangerous cuts (those done without a riving knife), and Brian supplemented his demonstration with a whole range of hints and jigs.

Brian ‘s final demonstration – cove cuts with his simple but efficient jig

Brian’s sample of what can easily be done with a cove cut

For those who missed the meeting, the following Triton Heritage videos cover some of the cuts Brian showed us (but we also had the opportunity of asking Brian questions – so try not to miss the meetings!)


Chris then gave members a quick demonstration of the two dowelling jigs donated by Gavin – up for auction for members.

And Peter then finished a great evening with a presentation on lighting in the workshop – a topic raised at our last meeting.

Members – make sure you’re logged on and then click on the first page below for Peter’s full presentation.