Nov 082018

Members were privileged to have Andrew Pearce speak to us on his experience restoring an Albatros D.Va for the Australian War Memorial, and his current career as an objects and metal conservator with Endangered Heritage.


Andrew spoke to us on the trepidation he had on working on an irreplaceable part of world history, and we had the privilege of seeing the internal structure of the fuselage and wings of the Albatros as it was being restored.


For members interested in the camouflage pattern used for the Albatros, check out the Wikipedia article on Lozenge camouflage. There’s also a link to more information on the Albatros.

Andrew’s current work makes use of Liberon products, and he showed us some of the products he uses and examples of their application. A lot of his work uses Black Bison Wax, and members are able to order this and other Liberon supplies from Endangered Heritage.

After Andrew’s talk there was quite a response from members. In answer to one question Andrew suggested, for large furniture items, members might be interested in the work of Greg Peters at nearby Patinations.

Thank you Andrew – it was a fascinating night!

On a sadder note, members said a final farewell to a long standing and much loved member of the club.
Bon Voyage Gavin, and Happy Landings