May 162018

Members were riveted by Peter’s final presentation on dust control – amazing!

After a quick review of last month’s flow chart, Peter looked at dust particle sizes and properties of different wood species. Members may be interested in the following articles – the 2nd is a thesis that looks at the properties of Australian wood. Just click on the pictures to view the original articles on-line.

Peter then gave us a demonstration of his HPM Series Particle Sensor linked up to to Raspberry Pi – click on the pictures to learn more about these marvelous tools.

Thanks to Peter for a fascinating demonstration!

Last, but not least, Brian then gave us a demonstration on saw sharpening – what can and can’t be, jigs, sets and files.

Sadly his beautiful little saw guide is no longer available – but Brian did show us some alternatives that members may find helpful. Click on the pictures below to learn more.


And finally, as a follow-up to Brian’s presentation Chris found this great article on
Understanding Saw Tooth Geometry

A great night – great company!