Feb 012017

We had a great evening learning from professional wood restorer Garry McLaughlin on sanding and finishing – thank you so much Garry!

In the break Garry showed us his Facebook page, which has a great video of bringing a 1885 Singer Sewing Machine back to its former glory.

Garry covered a whole range of issues, including paper types and grit, sanders, techniques, wood preparation, sealing, staining, shellac and wax.

So many practical hints – including the double two fold half sheets of sandpaper to cover all aspects of hand sanding – and protection from splinters to boot.

Garry also covered a quite a bit of the history of finishing, simple things like the different grit to use to best restore old woodwork, and the whole range of waxes that will last – including the Gilly Stephenson range.

A great start to the year – looking forward to next month!