Nov 042016

Our 2016 AGM, valiantly chaired by Ron, with Carolan and Chris, showed the club to be in a good position as we head into the year of our 20th anniversary!


Many thanks to the committee who were all re-elected, and we’re all looking forward to a year of learning, friendship, contests and celebration.

Brian then gave us some hints on producing halved/lap joints with the use of a marking gauge – and demonstrated it’s use as the base on his vacuum hose stand. A halved joint is a woodworking joint in which the two members are joined by removing material from each at the point of intersection so that they overlap. The halved joint is differentiated from the lap joint in that the members are joined on edge, rather than on the flat.

brian-lap-joint marking-gauge

Chris finished off by demonstrating his beautiful handmade kerfmaker.


Check out this video by Shopbuilt as they demonstrate how to make something similar.