Feb 222016

We had some marvelous entries at this year’s Plank Competition – a credit to all participants, and hopefully an inspiration for new entrants in next year’s competition!

The planks sourced were of Indonesian maple 2m long, 310mm wide and 25mm thick. The wood was quite variable, some with joints, some with woodworm – so planks were allocated by lottery. A great challenge.

Entrants were free to make whatever they liked from their plank, however a majority of the plank had to be consumed. Non-plank material for drawer bottoms and backs and fixtures such as knobs etc was acceptable, but the dominant external material presented to the viewer had to be plank material.

Plank Competition - Judges

Members Enjoying the Evening


Plank Grp 1 Plank Grp 2

Eight Planks – Eight Masterpieces

Plank 1 Plank 2 Plank 3 Plank 4
Plank 5 Plank 6 Plank 7 Plank 8


And The Winners Were

Plank - 1st Prize - John1st Prize – John Plank - 2nd Prize - Chris2nd Prize – Chris Plank - 3rd Prize - Mick3rd Prize – Mick