Aug 282014

Brian gave us a great demonstration on pattern routing, using both guide bushes and bearing bits.


Brian first used a spiral bit with a bush from his Triton Router Template Guide Kit, then finished up with a CMT flush trim bit with a bottom bearing.


Brian recommended using a lubricant like Empire Router Bit Lubricant, to keep bearings clean.

A similar process to Brian’s – of bush and spiral bit first, followed by cleaning up with a trim bit, is demonstrated in this video.

Brian also demonstrated using the router table to cut biscuit slots for mitred corners, using a slotting cutter bit – cutting near the heel of the mitre to ensure enough space for the biscuit.

Chris gave us a presentation by Frank Klausz on dovetails, showing his method of leaving the waste to support the work until the final cut is made. Please see Chris if you wish to borrow the DVD – meanwhile this trailer covers some of the process.


Chris also had a video on cleaning up dovetails with a router that we couldn’t show on the night – but it is a very useful technique (and directly relates to Brian’s demonstration on pattern routing) – so here it is!