Nov 042022

Chris began our November meeting with a couple of videos on making wedges and shims as part of this year’s project on Make a Table, followed by a show and tell on wedge jigs.

After a short break and the raffle draw (congratulations Ian!), John chaired a discussion on Christmas Gifts.

This included a couple of presentations by Chris on End Grain Cutting Boards and Gift Ideas, as well as a show and tell of Trivets by John – and lots of discussion.

Cutting board ideas

Gift ideas

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Oct 102022

Our October meeting was our AGM, but we also had the opportunity to look at Round Tenons and Sliding Dovetails.

Many thanks to our committee for their hard work in 2022 and for their willingness to serve us into 2023.

We didn’t get any videos of Chris’ demonstrations, but members may be interested in the article and video Chris found to cover the demonstrations.

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Sep 142022

Our September meeting centred around Tenons and Attaching Tabletops.

Members were given a practical demonstration of making Tenons on the workcentre by Brian. Sadly we weren’t able to video the demonstration, but we do have links to all the follow on videos shown by Chris.

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Sep 132022

Our regular meeting for August centred around mortises.

We began the night with a demonstration by Brian on making mortises on the router table, including breadboard ends.

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Jul 082022

Our July meeting centred around Grain Selection, plus a demonstration by Brian on Tapered Legs, and a great presentation by Chris on restoring a coffee table.

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Jun 062022

At our regular June meeting, Brian demonstrated creating round stock with a router as a follow up to last month. Chris also introduced members to the lock mitre joint with some great handouts, and Brian then gave us a practical demonstration on the router table. And we also saw a great video on the problems of wood movement – A great evening!

Brian shows the lock mitre joint he had just produced on the router table

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May 112022

We learnt so much at our regular meeting for May!

Some essential handouts on Table Design from Chris, and Brian demonstrated many great techniques on the workcentre, including constructing a mitred joint with a longitudinal spline, as well as making a round stock with a hand plane.

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Brian with the completed leg he made with a mitred joint and longitudinal spine

Apr 142022

At our regular meeting for March Chris and Brian demonstrated edge straightening on the workcentre.

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