Feb 082019

After our farewell to Gavin last year, John and Chris caught up with him to present a certificate of life membership – hopefully he can drop in on his old mates now and then!

Chris then gave members a couple of great presentations on Workshop Layout and Cutting Thin Strips and Veneers on the Bandsaw

Members – make sure you’re logged on and then click on either image below for Chris’s presentation


And these are the videos Chris showed us – just in case you can’t link them from the previous presentation


Mick raised an alternative view on bandsaw drift by Michael Fortune – the following video has his suggestions

And Chris found the following in response to Antoni’s question on the best light for a workshop – just click on the image to open the article

Dec 082018

Good company, steak sandwich, ginger beer, birthday cake and woodwork – how can you beat that!


Many thanks to Hugh for the photos, Mick, Mike, Ron & Richard – our very able cooks – and of course our lovely Carolan who arranged it all.

After dinner Alison brought out an amazing birthday cake for Mick – and we all sang happy birthday (mostly in tune!)

Our great judges – Shaun Hayward from Monaro Timber, Fred Buckley from the Woodcraft Guild and Alison Brice – then gave some great feedback on all the entries in this year’s competition.


And the winners were:


Bruce – 1st, 2nd & 3rd!

Peter – Prize Winner

Craig – Prize Winner



John – 1st Prize

Mick – 2nd Prize

Peter – 3rd Prize



Chris – 1st Prize

John – 2nd Prize

Mick – 3rd Prize


Merry Christmas everyone – looking forward to a great new year!

Nov 082018

Members were privileged to have Andrew Pearce speak to us on his experience restoring an Albatros D.Va for the Australian War Memorial, and his current career as an objects and metal conservator with Endangered Heritage.


Andrew spoke to us on the trepidation he had on working on an irreplaceable part of world history, and we had the privilege of seeing the internal structure of the fuselage and wings of the Albatros as it was being restored.


For members interested in the camouflage pattern used for the Albatros, check out the Wikipedia article on Lozenge camouflage. There’s also a link to more information on the Albatros.

Andrew’s current work makes use of Liberon products, and he showed us some of the products he uses and examples of their application. A lot of his work uses Black Bison Wax, and members are able to order this and other Liberon supplies from Endangered Heritage.

After Andrew’s talk there was quite a response from members. In answer to one question Andrew suggested, for large furniture items, members might be interested in the work of Greg Peters at nearby Patinations.

Thank you Andrew – it was a fascinating night!

On a sadder note, members said a final farewell to a long standing and much loved member of the club.
Bon Voyage Gavin, and Happy Landings

Oct 062018

A nice and short AGM – thanks to our amazing Secretary, President and Treasurer


Then onto the really fun stuff – a great presentation by Phil from the Woodcraft Guild on projects undertaken by the Guild and Phil’s amazing jigs


And these are the plans and book Phil showed us – click on the picture to see the plans or the amazon site for the book


Many thanks Phil – an excellent night!

Sep 112018

Peter gave us an addendum to his excellent series on wood dust – looking at actual workplace requirements, and finished with some excellent practical tips.


And these are the informative videos Peter found for us.

 Improve dust control at circular saw benches Sweeping up        


Chris then showed us how to make and use templates with the Triton router. Let him know if you’d like to learn a new skill, and help out with the Communities@Work project at the same time!


And here is the video Chris mentioned with a great alternative to double sided tape – especially for templates.

Another enjoyable night!

Sep 032018

Chris gave us a great presentation on personal protection for eyes and ears at our August meeting, to compliment our previous meetings on dust control.

Members, please login and you will be able to see Chris’ great powerpoint presentations again.

Meanwhile, here is the video Chris showed us on how the ears work – and the dangers of excessive and on-going exposure to noise.


Chris finished the night by showing us a very handy technique of modifying the Triton 2000 Workcentre to allow low-angle bevel cuts.

Many thanks Chris!

Sep 032018

Members were thrilled to have Evan Dunstone back as our guest presenter at our July meeting.

Evan gave a presentation on the Lie Nielsen Workbench as part of our theme on workshops – a marvelous design. If you missed out on the presentation, you may be interested in the following presentation.


By the way, Thomas Lie Nielsen will be one of the presenters at Wood Dust.

And it’s coming up soon – Saturday 13th to Sunday 21st October 2018 in Queanbeyan & Bungendore – don’t miss out!

Jun 152018

John started our June meeting off with a presentation of one of the under bed storage units built by members for Communities@Work – thanks to the kind sponsorship of Moray & Agnew.

And here are the guys presenting them to Communities@Work (and demonstrating their durability!)

Mick then gave us the most amazing presentation of his restoration of a “Premo” bandsaw.

For those history buffs – check out this article about the “Premo” brand

Chris gave us a list of alternative circular saw blades with a wide enough kerf to suit the Triton riving knife, including:-

CMT 291


Bosch Optiline

And finished off with a very useful – and inexpensive! – method for precisely lifting a router on the router table.