Jun 152018

John started our June meeting off with a presentation of one of the under bed storage units built by members for Communities@Work – thanks to the kind sponsorship of Moray & Agnew.

And here are the guys presenting them to Communities@Work (and demonstrating their durability!)

Mick then gave us the most amazing presentation of his restoration of a “Premo” bandsaw.

For those history buffs – check out this article about the “Premo” brand

Chris gave us a list of alternative circular saw blades with a wide enough kerf to suit the Triton riving knife, including:-

CMT 291


Bosch Optiline

And finished off with a very useful – and inexpensive! – method for precisely lifting a router on the router table.

May 162018

Members were riveted by Peter’s final presentation on dust control – amazing!

After a quick review of last month’s flow chart, Peter looked at dust particle sizes and properties of different wood species. Members may be interested in the following articles – the 2nd is a thesis that looks at the properties of Australian wood. Just click on the pictures to view the original articles on-line.

Peter then gave us a demonstration of his HPM Series Particle Sensor linked up to to Raspberry Pi – click on the pictures to learn more about these marvelous tools.

Thanks to Peter for a fascinating demonstration!

Last, but not least, Brian then gave us a demonstration on saw sharpening – what can and can’t be, jigs, sets and files.

Sadly his beautiful little saw guide is no longer available – but Brian did show us some alternatives that members may find helpful. Click on the pictures below to learn more.


And finally, as a follow-up to Brian’s presentation Chris found this great article on
Understanding Saw Tooth Geometry

A great night – great company!

Apr 082018

Members enjoyed two great speakers at our April meeting.

Gordon Smith talked to us about his training in fine furniture and timber salvage, leading to his extensive timber recycling and holdings business. His passion for recycling, and not wasting the great natural resources of Canberra’s street trees, was an inspiration to us all!

Some of the questions he answered from members included how to identify the timber he recycled, and which species had similar properties. Gordon recommended these two books.

In regard timber identification, members might also remember the visit by Robin Cromer last year.

Our very own Peter Taylor also gave a fascinating presentation on Fans, Pressures, Flows and Ducts.

Members constructing an air flow chart

Peter recommended the following book as a great resource in developing your understanding of dust control, and what would best suit your workshop.

Looking forward to Peter’s next presentation!

Mar 112018

Sadly our invited guest speakers couldn’t make it on the night, so we discussed one of the major issues found in the workshop – dust control.

We started with general discussion on the difference between a vacuum cleaner and dust extractor, followed by different systems used by members and their pros and cons.

Carbatec Clear Dust Extraction Ducting Kit

After a cup of tea (and lovely chocolate chip and ginger biscuits), Chris dusted off an old presentation he had given on dust masks, and the pros and cons of the wide variety available

From the cheap fog-your-glasses type

To the middle range

And finishing with full protection

Feb 242018

Members were entertained by some slide shows of the committee’s own workshops at our first meeting for 2018

From the untidy, dirty and unmovable

To the neat, clean and movable!

Such a range!

The meeting covered such issues as;

  • Cabinets and storage units,
  • Workbenches (modest and grand),
  • Jigs,
  • Recommendations and failures,
  • Favourite tools and accessories,
  • Dust control methods, and
  • How multifunctional spaces were achieved.

    And to finish off – some dream workshops from last year’s October meeting

    Frank Klausz – Woodworking Workshop Dan Smith – Dream Shop


    It’s good to dream!

    Dec 062017

    Another great evening at our 2017 annual barbeque and competition – thank you to our great chefs Tom & Mike and to Carolan for all her hard work (and for the delightful Christmas cakes).

    Getting ready to cook!

    After a steak sandwich, Christmas cake and ginger beer, members had a good chat and discussed options for next year’s meetings on Workshops while our judges made their determinations.

    (If you didn’t fill your form in on the night, it can be downloaded from Workshop Topic questionnaire and emailed to Chris – or bring it along to the next meeting!)

    There was a wide selection of entries in this year’s competition –


    And the Winners were:


    1st – Chris – Mortise Jig

    2nd – Chris – Panel Clamps

    3rd – Hugh – Push Block

    Indoor Furniture

    1st – Scott – Butler’s Unit

    2nd – Peter – Hall Table

    3rd – John – Side Table

    Boxes & Ornamentals

    1st – Scott – Cheese Board

    2nd – Mick – Redgum Boards (with a lovely commentary attached)

    3rd – John – Document Box


    1st – Craig – Llama Rocker

    2nd – Bruce – Stegasaurus

    3rd – Bruce – Cradle

    Many thanks to our judges – Dan Steiner, Phil Coleman and Carol-Anne Karas for their time, expert opinion and constructive feedback – we’re always learning!

    Sep 082017

    President and financial reports, elections and ideas for future meetings – a nice short AGM chaired by John & Chris.

    Ready for some great meetings to come – and a great 2018!

    Chris then entertained members with some inspiring videos – here they are in case you want to check them out again.

    The H.O. Studley Tool Chest

    And some dream workshops

    Frank Klausz – Woodworking Workshop Dan Smith – Dream Shop


    It’s good to dream!

    Jun 082017

    Members enjoyed a visual feast at our inaugural Large Items Photo Competition.

    Entries had to have been constructed within the last 3 years, and pictures of construction, different angles and close ups were to be presented to members on the night.

    Indoor Section

    Mick – Computer Desk

    Chris – Wine Cabinet

    John – Workshop Cabinet

    Rohan – Family Room Cupboards

    Peter – Tool Cabinet

    Outdoor Section

    Craig – Fence

    Carolan – Fence

    And the winners are!

    Chris – 1st Indoor

    Mick – 2nd Indoor

    John – 3rd Indoor

    Carolan – 1st Outdoor

    Craig – 2nd Outdoor

    Don’t forget to take pictures of your current work – ready for the next competition!

    May 032017

    Such a wide variety of beautiful woodwork from club members – amazing what you can make from a plank!

    This year the dressed planks were of a pale red straight grain eucalypt of the Blue Gum family with bull nose edges – 19mm by 130mm by 2.1m/2.4m.

    The principal aim of the competition is to challenge members to design and/or execute one or more items of woodwork within the limits imposed by the quantity of timber purchased.

    And here are the entrants:-

    Adirondack Chair – Craig Medal Box – Graham Clocks and Mirror – Gai Shoe Rack – Antoni


    Coffee Table – Ron Side Table – Chris Hall Stand – Hugh

    And the winners were!

    1st Prize – Graham’s Medal Box 2nd Prize – Chris’ Hall Table Highly Commended – Ron’s Coffee Table

    Many Thanks to Umpires and Ball Boys – it was a great night! Looking forward to next year!