Oct 142019

Chris & Brian gave members a great presentation and demonstration on routing small pieces.


Click on the pictures below for Chris’s original presentation and some further background from one of his sources.


As part of the demonstration, Chris showed us a great jig for pattern routing small pieces – click on the picture or video below for more information


After cake, tea and a good chat, Chris then gave a presentation on making workshop equipment mobile – click on the first page below for the full presentation.

Chris also sent out a link to the following video on an amazing flip top mobile workbench – at the end of the video, note the castors mentioned in Chris’s presentation above.


A little bit of trouble with Chris’s last video on bevel cutting (we’ll get that fixed), but to finish off a great night we had quite a bit of discussion by members. Mick came up with a very good idea for not being surprised in the the workshop by the kids – get a safety mirror!

This one is quite reasonably priced, and safe for the workshop.

Sep 192019

Stephen began a great evening with a follow up of Scott’s presentation last month on their portable Festool style workbench.


Stephen used the PARF Guide System supplied by Carbatec to create his portable workbench. Click on the picture or video below for more information.

Stephen and Scott also showed us the dogs and bench stands 3D printed by Yellowbox Shed.

Click on the pictures below to see the products available and also the Stanton Bench (a trusted partner of Yellowbox Shed) that Stephen mentioned.

Yellowbox Shed bench dog sets

the Stanton Bench

After tea and cake, Brian gave us a demonstration on how to fine tune the workcentre – including adjusting the circular saw for precision cutting.

And Nick finished off the night with a fascinating presentation on the Kenyan Top Bar Beehive that he his currently building.

Click on the picture below to learn a bit more about Beekeeping Naturally – the next Beekeeping Naturally course in Canberra is coming up soon!

Aug 212019

Scott began a great night with a presentation on a portable Festool style workbench that he and Stephen are building.

Festool Basic Multifunction Table.
Click on picture to get further information.

Looking forward to Stephen’s follow up presentation next month!


Hugh also gave us a presentation on his new fold-up Workbench, plus his amazing glue-up table and innovative approach to achieving a fully functional Workshop in very limited space.

Hugh’s Workbench

Hugh’s Glue-up Table

Hugh’s Workshop

Click on any picture above to see the full set of Hugh’s photos


Chris sent members a link to the following video by Timbecon on Designing Your Workbench.

Plus a link to their August specials on workbench accessories, including holdfasts and dogs.

And to finish a great night, Chris showed us an alternative process to cutting coves on the Workcentre using a parallelogram.

Woodsmith Cheese & Cracker Tray Plans

Cheese & Cracker Tray Preview


If you don’t have access to the full video by Woodsmith, following is a similar process from the Woodwhisperer that may be of interest.

Click on any item above to view them.

Jul 082019

We had a preview of Chris’s beautiful workbench last month, and this month Chris showed us where he got his inspiration from – Robert Lang’s 21st Century Workbench.

Click on the pictures below to see a video on how versatile the workbench is and how to buy the plans at a very reasonable price.


And then – another excellent workbench from Brian! Click on the pictures below for the original plans or Brian’s economic modifications (with a costing of various options – excellent value!)

Brian’s Modified Workbench with Costing


Members were then given practical demonstrations of 2 different methods for cutting tapers on the Workcentre. Brian used a Taper Jig from Carbatec, and Chris used his L-Jig coupled with an electronic angle finder.

Brian’s Method – the Carbatec Taper Jig

Chris’ Method – L-jig and electronic angle finder


Craig then showed us a simple idea for a plant stand

And Chris finished an action packed night with a list of his favourite websites

(click on the picture to see the full list and actionable links)

Jun 182019

We had a great night looking at that essential component of any workshop – the woodworking bench.

A number of members gave presentations on their benches, and why they liked them –
functionality, accessibility, stability, suitability, affordability and how good they looked!

Click on any of the photos below to see the full presentation

Bob’s Bench

Chris’s Bench

Craig’s Benches

John’s Benches

Trevor’s Bench

John finished the night with a great presentation on the variety of workbenches available to members – click on the title page below to see his full presentation.

And here is the article Chris sent us on the most common workbench questions from Christopher Schwarz’s book Workbenches – from Design & Theory to Construction & Use – just click on the book cover below.