Happily meetings have resumed, but pre-registration with the secretary is required to comply with our COVID19 safety plan

These procedures also require that people who are not well or have not completed quarantine after visiting COVID19 hotspots should not attend

Please ensure hands are washed, and physical distancing will be in place

The Triton Owners’ Club (A.C.T.) Inc. is a club for woodworking enthusiasts in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region of Australia – male or female, young or old – this club is for you!

The Club aims to foster and develop the woodworking skills of members particularly in relation to the use of Triton woodworking machines.

Do you own Triton woodworking equipment but don’t know how to use it properly? You may have been given it or inherited it, but it is just sitting there. Well why not come along and make contact – we will be able to help you.

Club meetings are held at the Stromlo Forest Scout Group Hall, Tantangara St, Duffy


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